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AliExpress Ocio presents the 11.11 Music Fest, an online festival with outstanding electronic music artists

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The streaming festival will take place on 11 and 12 November and will feature some twenty artists, all of them leading figures on the electronic scene.

Pitti Bernard, an influencer and DJ, will be in charge of presenting the event.

In addition, AliExpress will give out 11.000 in gifts during the streaming as well as subscriptions to the HBO and Tidal platforms, gift cards for use in FEVER and a Xiaomi scooter.

The AliExpress Ocio platform, one of the largest entertainment marketplaces in the Spanish market, has decided to organise a music festival to be held in streaming format on the AliExpress mobile application during 11 and 12 November under the name AliExpress 11.11 Music Fest. 

The celebration will feature some twenty of the most prominent names on the electronic circuit. We are referring to Alvaro AM, owner of one of the most unique electronic beats on the national circuit, Anna Tur, one of Ibiza's most charismatic DJs and producers, Carlo Lio, of this Canadian artist who is said to have a gift for capturing and expressing electronic sounds, Cristian Varela, a specialist in contemporary, symphonic and experimental music whose career spans more than two decades, David Herrero, whose refined and elegant technique precedes him, the Chilean DJ and producer Francisco Allendes, one of the rising electronic talents of the Andes, the trio from Badajoz Gameboyz, the most rock and roll of the national electronics, John Acquaviva, an eclectic artist where they are found and one of the great totems of international electronics, Karlos Molina whose refined style encompasses diverse influences from House to Techno. 

The list continues with Horacio Cruz, one of the most important references in national Techno, Mahony, an artist from Romania who has created the perfect mix of electronic and hip hop, the Belgian Marco Bailey is another of the industry's heavyweights, Miguel Bastida, whose creativity has led him to become one of the national DJs with the most international projection, Oscar L, the most outstanding figure in the national House, Rafa Barrios, a member of the Stereo Productions family and one of the national artists who has travelled the most in the world, Rafael Cerato, Young French DJ and producer who has just released his first album "Requiem", Richi Risco, to his original and creative creations there is no track that can resist, the iconic Scottish duo Silicone Soul, Silvie Loto, Italian artist owner of a wide palette of sounds, textures and atmospheres, Stefano Noferini, one of the most veteran faces of the Italian electronic scene, Timo Maas, a key figure of the German scene and Yaya whose entry into electronics was percussion becoming a distinctive feature of his creations. 

But the attractions of this festival do not end with his impressive line-up. AliExpress has announced that during the broadcast different prizes will be distributed, the total value of which is not insignificant, being 11,000 euros. Pitty Bernard, influencer and DJ, will be in charge of presenting the event. 

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