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Tale Of Us Presents Unity  Varios  - Artists 

Continuing our mission to cultivate optimism during this unsettling pause on planet Earth, Tale Of Us curate the second volume of their epic compilation series, ‘Unity’. Featuring contributions from a cast of talent located all over the world and bound together by the paralysis of our culture. ‘Unity Pt.2’ maintains the same premise as the first installment, gathering together a collection of 25 stunning cuts designed to transport you into another realm.

Right now unity is a key word for our global community. Clubs remain closed, lives are on hold and the difficulties that have arisen from this situation are ever present for many of us.


The intention here is to raise awareness for causes dear to our hearts, through the power of music. Standing together for humanity, giving support to those who need it and using our platform to shine a light on the underrepresented voices.

On this huge compilation you’ll be graced with a multitude of sounds, from sombre, melancholy tones and introspection to brighter euphoric moments and pumping energy, with the space to meditate and transcend this reality into other worlds.


Travel back to the dance floor, join forces with your best friends, dance with a lover or simply close your eyes and travel inwards.

From Mind Against’s spinetingling opener the bar is set high, staying there from start to end, when we’re met with the soul nourishing closer by British maestro Franky Wah.

  1. Mind Against - Isolate 

  2. Colyn - Signs Of Change 

  3. Ae:ther & Anna Caragnano - Volador 

  4. Woo York - Paloma 

  5. Nandu - Going T o Mars 

  6. Stephan Jolk - A Declaration Of Love 

  7. Innellea - The Verde 

  8. ENØS - Origins 

  9. Lehar - Dal Tramonto All'Alba 

  10. Kevin De Vries - Polar Peak 

  11. ANNA - Overflow 

  12. Tale Of Us & Fideles - Vanishing 

  13. Mathame-SwarmStorm

  14. ARTBA T & Dino Lenny - Fading

  15. SOEL - Tangible Fear Of The Unknown

  16. Coeus - Rain

  17.  Kiko & Citizen Kain - Pancho Villa

  18. Massano - Solitude

  19. VNTM - Impersonation

  20. Adana Twins - The Day Before Tomorrow

  21. Alfa Romero - Lonely Train

  22. Antonio Ruscito – Two Words, One Sun

  23. Avidus- In Trust We Trust

  24. Ivory - Triumphant

  25. Franky Wah - Polynate

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