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1. Launch Protocol
2. Veil
3. The Journey
4. Das Kosmische Ballett
5. Total Recall
6. Unknown Entity
7. World Apart
8. Spaziergang im All
9. Serenity feat. HRRSN
10. Solid State
11. Celestial Mechanics
12. Radio, Radio feat. Ira Atari
13. 303
14. And Beyond

Extra: The Journey (Niko Schwind Remix)

Core elements to the Stil vor Talent catalogue since the landing of their debut LP “Paranorama” in 2018, Berlin-based outfit Deorbiting, real name Christian Schilgen and Christoph Deckert, make an anticipated comeback with their debut album, “Space House”.
A fourteen-piece Moebius strip of minutely designed textural synthesis, kinetic dazzle and otherworldly evasion.

Bound for the greater limits of our world, “Space House” sounds out the multi-dimensional gaps and crannies between kosmische, deep house, EBM and electronica through an array of cuts operating as so many portals into the duo's trademark widescreen explorations. Setting course on uncharted territories, Deorbiting take us on a slo-blooming interstellar journey, moving from the cottony weightlessness of space opera’ed ambient of its interludes to smouldering floor weaponry effortlessly, tying functionality with narrative cohesion throughout.

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