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Varios artistas "Totally Mobilee - Greatest Hits 2020"

In the second part of the Mobilee retrospect, we look back to remember 2020 for the positive moments, those tracks which defined the landscape of the label’s current play… With standout creations from Jonas Rathsman, Squire; and featuring a selection from Rodriguez Jr.’s acclaimed third album “Blisss” including remixes from Steve Bug and Re.You and featuring the vocals of Liset Alea, amongst many more, “Totally Mobilee - Greatest Hits 2020” will deliver transcendence and hope this coming January 2021.

1 Rodriguez Jr. - Nairobi
2 Qess - Spaces In Between feat. Ursula Rucker
3 Squire - Path Parbat
4 Rodriguez Jr. - Santa Cruz
5 Vincenzo - The Past The Future
6 Gullen - Sinking Walls
7 Nolan & Mr. V - It’s A Trap (Re.You Remix)
8 Moo&Jo & Lazarusman - Expand
9 AFFKT - Hoydelight
10 Rodriguez Jr. feat. Liset Alea "What Is Real" (Deep In The Playa mix)
11 Squire - Birdie
12 Jonas Rathsman - No Surprise
13 Rodriguez Jr. - Monolith Garden (Steve Bug Remix)
14 Gigee - Lullaby
15 AFFKT - Torpedo
16 Rodriguez Jr. - Hydra
17 Jonas Rathsman - Uno

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