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Ibiza BPM is present as usual at major global events.


On our first day, we were able to attend the long-awaited arrival of the King and Queen of Spain. 

As is traditional every year, King Felipe and Queen Letizia took part in the opening session of the macro fair together with a large retinue of authorities who accompanied them on their tour of the different pavilions, amid great expectation.


The tour of the King and Queen and the authorities, including the President of the Congress, Francina Armengol , and the President of the Senate, Pedro Rollán, lasted more than an hour and a half, including stops at company and country exhibitors, such as Ecuador and Puerto Rico.


Also those of four autonomous communities, Madrid, Asturias, the Balearic Islands, Murcia, and those of Ceuta and Melilla.

This 44th edition of FITUR 2024 is surprising both for the number of visitors and exhibitors.

More than 250,000 people will attend this year's edition, 152 countries and almost 900 exhibitors will showcase the latest developments in their destinations.

A multitude of new companies, not to mention new concepts have been included in this edition such as technology, cinema, sustainability, etc...

Ibiza BPM Radio inaugurates in this edition its TV set, where you will be able to enjoy interviews with Tourism Secretaries, CEOs and Directors from Asian, South American and Spanish countries.

Destinations with unimaginable routes designed in detail for the delight and enjoyment of tourists from all corners of the planet have caught our attention in this edition for their staging and presentations.


In our interview to India, with the Secretary General of Tourism of Madhya Pradesh, we enjoyed enormously with his exposition and enthusiasm about the cultural richness of a destination that is not so well known and that contains landscapes with wildlife, safaris, waterfalls, temples, rich gastronomy, lakes, rivers. 

On the other hand, on the other side of the planet, we chatted with Miguel Huerta, an entrepreneur from Mexico, who explained to us the new glamping service (glamorous camping), which has more and more followers and followers of this new sustainable concept.


On the second day, we interviewed the charismatic Rafael Brull, Marketing, Customer and Product Manager at Air Europa.

Rafael Brull made special emphasis on the company's commitment to sustainability and the communities where it operates, he told us about its expansion for 2024 / 2025, with new destinations such as Venice, new menus for tourist class endorsed by the renowned and famous Chef Martin Berasategui, as well as improvements in services for SUMA customers, with greater adhesions of companies for the enjoyment of members.


Today we have certainly experienced the announcement of the collaboration agreement between IFEMA MADRID, the Association of Secretaries of Tourism of Mexico with the presence of the Ambassador of Mexico in Spain.


The collaboration agreement by which Mexico will hold the category of FITUR 2025 Partner Country during the 45th edition of the Madrid International Tourism Trade Fair will enable the country to strengthen its international positioning, boost the promotional potential of its wide range of tourism products and project itself to the world. 


This alliance, which has been announced in the framework of FITUR 2024, represents a milestone in the extraordinary career that Mexico has undertaken in recent years in the field of tourism, achieving a significant international positioning.

This evolution of the Aztec nation has been particularly noticeable after the pandemic due to the significant effort made at institutional and business level with the implementation of measures that have facilitated a rapid recovery of tourism activity compared to other countries.
Likewise, the growth experienced by Mexico now allows the country to make the most of its presence on major stages such as FITUR, to highlight the tourist, cultural, heritage and gastronomic wealth of its 32 states and its 177 Magic Towns and showcase it to the world at the world's leading trade fair, and a major hub for the Ibero-American tourism industry.

Undoubtedly, a surprising edition that is leaving us all with a very good taste in our mouths. 

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