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Joeski - 20 Years of Maya Released 29th November 2019 on Maya Recordings

Maya Recordings boss Joeski celebrates twenty years of the label with his debut album ​20 Years of Maya

Reaching the outstanding landmark of twenty years of releasing music, Maya Recordings spearhead and house music aficionado Joeski presents his debut album ​20 Years of Maya​, ​an impressive collection of work that captures the dynamic spirit of the revered label.

Joeski’s trajectory can be traced back to 1991, when he burst onto the NYC music scene as a founding member of The Chocolate Factory DJ collective. Since that time he has delighted crowds the world over and is established as one of the most sought-after DJs, remixers and producers. In 2001 Joeski launched Maya Recordings, with a back catalogue of releases that propelled the label to the forefront of the global house music scene. Now in its twentieth year, his Maya label continues a steady output of quality material that remain as fixtures on the Beatport and Traxsource tech and deep house charts, whilst being played by legends such as Carl Cox and John Digweed. Currently in his third decade as one of house music’s most sought-after stars, he continues this momentum with a debut album that fully demonstrates his talent, experience and influences.

"To commemorate the 20 years of the label, I felt it was appropriate to tell a full story and release my first album. The inspiration began while on tour in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic when I collaborated with local musicians to create the first track of the album. From there the rest unfolded in my studio in New York, NY where I often get lost for over 12 hours a day. After 22 years of releasing over 1000 records - I'm extremely excited for this endeavour." ​Joeski

The story begins with ​Carrion feat Mikeall Garcia​, a well-composed rhythm of shakers and bongos combines with gentle guitar and string elements, whilst the enchanting voice of Mikeall Garcia constructs a smoky atmosphere. ​African Sunrise paints a magical picture as the sounds of the waterfall, morning bird song and droning melody come together, slowly rising and unfolding into a track that grows with warmth. ​Into the Future ​steps up the energy, moving from the rainforest to the dancefloor. Flamenco inspiration cuts through ​Soledad, ​guitar blends with the stamping of feet and vocals that capture romance and maturity.

Electric charged drums and a jacking bassline are at the fore of ​Slave to Your Love​, sensual words and acidic intensity builds before being launched into a tech-house monster. Easing off the pedal, Joeski moves from his earlier sunrise piece to ​Sunset in Uganda​, deep orange colour is formed as enchanting piano intertwines with tribalistic calls in a tonic for the mind. ​Dub Eyes f​ eatures ghostly electronics that echo with delicate voice and bongos, like a walk through the lights of a city at night. On ​My Cello,​ ​rumbling bass opens before the introduction of a haunting, deep cello that tells a story of ancient bygone times.

Joeski’s penchant for rhythm is displayed again on ​Love Tribe,​ buggy and swirling patterns move into a playful whistling flute as different shouts call to one another, the intensity is lowered before finally being lifted again to a frenzy. Floating trance keys wash over on the deep house sound of ​Love Without Judgement,​ full of soul and hypnotism in a relaxing composition. ​Close Your Eyes i​ s an ice-cold, downtempo meditation that invites the listener to be transported to another world, in which they become fully aware of their senses. Album finale ​I’m Happy (On Acid Mix) e​ nds in supremely positive fashion, funky disco strings, horns and infectious bass ever increase, before rousing vocals close on a spine-tingling crescendo.

In the continually evolving dance music world where trends come and go, Joeski has stayed at the pinnacle of the industry, keeping true to the original values he learnt playing in front of crowds at Limelight, Tunnel, Paladium, Nasa and at his first residency, the “Together” parties at the legendary Roxy in New York. Since 2001 his Maya Recordings has gone from strength to strength and releases have been heard on dancefloors from New York to Ibiza and beyond. Alongside the label, Joeski has also produced for well-respected taste-making imprints such as Crosstown Rebels, Defected, Desolat and Poker Flat. This summer Joeski has once again been a firm fixture on the global tour circuit with performances in America, England, Australia and Indonesia. Fueled by his genuine love of the music, no doubt following the release of this album Joeski will continue to evolve both behind the decks and in the studio, captivating new generations of club-goers and maintaining his place as one of dance music’s most enduring talents.


1 Carrion feat Mikeall Garcia

2 African Sunrise
3 Into The Future
4 Soledad

5 Slave To Your Love feat Rachel

6 Sunset in Uganda (Spiritual Mix)

7 Dub Eyes
8 My Cello

9 Love Tribe (Sunrise Mix)

10 Love Without Judgment

11 Close Your Eyes
12 I’m Happy (On Acid Mix)​ | ​​ | ​​| ​

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