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Oliver Koletzki - Made of Wood

Published earlier this year, SVT main operator Oliver Koletzki’s ninth studio full-length “Made of Wood" gets the remix treatment courtesy of label staples Super Flu, Fabian Krooss, AFFKT and newcomer Kunterweiß, each of whom add their distinctively vivid and elegant spin to Koletzki’s tribal-informed, drum-centric narratives.

Artist: Oliver Koletzki
EP-Title: Made of Wood Remixed
Label: Stil vor Talent
Catalogue No.: SVT308
Release Date: 2021-12-03

1. Copal (Super Flu Remix)
2. Picture w/ Niko Schwind feat. Judith Ahrends (Fabian Krooss Remix)
3. Made of Cashmere (AFFKT Remix)
4. La Veleta (Kunterweiß Remix)

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