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SVT349 - Oliver Koletzki - Oliver's Hands on Vol.2


True to the pop-infused progressive touch he's come to advocate through his own compositions and various remixes over the years, Oliver's rework of Brigado Crew 'Symbiosis' packs that mix of beach sunset-ready dreaminess and apex-climbing buildup to overflow any dance floor it visits with hair-raising panache. The second cut 'There is Something Special about Boxhagener Platz' dwells the more intimate side of the spectrum with its slo-dripping suavity unfolding to the soft, hazed out tap of jazzy drums and liquid-like slap bass moves. Summoning the debonair funkiness of his most silken blends, Koletzki has us diving headlong into a milk-and-honey-ish pool of sound, fusing the very finest of sluggishly sensual boogie with his impeccable flair for finding the sweet, lighthearted melody that will stick with you and shake off any sour feeling effortlessly.

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