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Welcome Pan-Pot to Ibiza Bpm Family


Pan - Pot ,the German techno duo of classic, bold and timeless style productions will be part of our big family next Friday 15th at 01.00 h CET.

It may be the similarities between two people that bring them together, but it is the differences between them that create something special. It would be nothing if these two opposing poles did not meet in the middle. 

Such is the story of Pan-Pot.

Tassilo and Thomas met at the renowned School of Audio Engineering in Berlin, better known as the SAE, and they came together because they were the only two in their studios who had their sights set on the sound of techno.


Their initial musical efforts gave priority to integrating electronic experimentation with minimal styles while simultaneously establishing the ominous and murky sounds that have since become synonymous with their name.

Pan-Pot from the beginning of their career offered a 360 degree view of techno that was unique, uncompromising and most importantly, their own.

More recently "Confronted" and "Captain My Captain  demonstrating his classic, bold and timeless production style, both in terms of sound and concept.

Pan-Pot have not got where they are with their previous awards alone, the duo have recently lent their art in the form of a second album "The Other" and high profile remixes for the legendary Carl Cox , Slam, Paul Kalkbrenner and the renowned Stephan Bodzin, all while promoting a fierce tour appearing regularly in the best clubs and the biggest festivals in the world such as Time Warp, AwakeningsGlastonbury , Kappa Future and Tomorrowland to name a few. 


Without limits, they cut through Techno, House and everything else with a touch of mastery.

Although their name comes from a core element of the studio team, they have rewritten the notions of form and function through their own idiosyncratic language and are now entering a whole new world since launching their own imprint, Second Estate in 2014.


 In recent years, Second State has not only become a platform for Pan-Pot to release their own music, but a creative outlet derived from a family of like-minded artists around them to inspire, imagine and travel the world with, spreading the vision of Second State and catapulting new names into the spotlight such as Amelie Lens, Stephan Hinz and Micheal Klein. 

It is a place where all ideas can flow seamlessly, from music and events to art and fashion.

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