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Varios Artists - Redolent Tribes Vol 1 




01. Sparrow & Barbossa - Mathura (Original Mix Organic )

02. Double Drop, Vuyani - Mozambican Girl ( Original Mix Afro House )

03. Da Le (Havana) - Oya ( Original Mix Latin )

04.Coherence, Ayoze Erbanni - El Canamenho ( Original Mix Organic )

05.Band&Dos, Andres Guerra - El Santo (Original Mix Afro House )

06. The Angels - Desert Mirage ( Original Mix Melodic )

07. O.B, Adal Raw - Folly ( Original Mix Afro House )

08.Blueheist - Itara ( Original Mix Organic )

09. Zakem - Wile ( Original Mix Afro House )

10. Space Food - Miracle (Original Mix Organic )

Redolent music presents his 2022 inaugural compilation entitled, ‘REDOLENT TRIBES.’

The label head Chus has been selecting one by one the tracks featured on this beautiful compilation tucked by his ward La Santa, in this untiring labor of searching for new talents across the globe and showing the diversity of artists and genres during this first year. In their quest for new sounds and undiscovered talents, they are about to unleash a mind-blowing compilation that perfectly showcases the multicultural essence, versatility, and elegance the label is beloved for.

Cruising through the globe, traveling from Cuba, Venezuela, Mozambique, Spain, Switzerland, Israel, Morocco or Russia. This album is a Journey reverberated in strata of Ethnic vocals, Tribal rhythms, Mystical flutes, Lush percussions, Organic grooves, Unique synthetic modulations, and colored bass lines. Chapter one of REDOLENT TRIBES is represented by Sparrow & Barbossa, Double Drop, Vuyani, Da Le (Havana), Coherence, Ayoze Erbanni, Band&Dos, Andres Guerra (VEN), The Angels, O.B aka Adal Raw, Blueheist, Zakem, Space Food.

Music has no boundaries. We may get lost through the limitations of dis/placement, the flaws in translations, or the constraints/restraints of time. But in music, we always find our way.

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