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Soul Button - Phantom Existence (Remix Edition) 

Soul Button's latest release, "Phantom Existence", gets a full remix edition by many talented artists delivering an eargasmic experience.

Starting with "Utopia” featuring Terry Grant, Armen Miran adds an uplifting touch that puts you in the mood for a beautiful journey. "Silhouettes”, remixed by Clawz SG, adds his special touch with deep and enigmatic sounds. Matan Caspi remixed the next track, "Shapeshifter", giving it a fast and darker vibe to stimulate your mind. "Deception" remixed by Whirl, presents mystical and reverberating soundscapes. Monarke's remix of "Jannah" featuring Rebecca Sumner is illuminating, dark & will transport you deeper. Miyagi brought a haunting and electrifying remix of "Imagine to be Free (The Concept)". "Awaken the Soul" Featuring Photographs., remixed by Nick Devon, is a blend of soothing and expressive beats.

Next, "Imagine to be Free" remixed by Strinner, puts you on a beautiful and blood-rushing adventure. Julian Wassermann remixed the next track "The Sparrow" Featuring Mistier, throwing a blast of synths and drumbeats, leaving you wandering through an imaginary world. "Blind Pattern" comes next, remixed by Moritz Hofbauer, adding his own touch of positive vibes and sound effects. Th Moy is next with a remix of "New Day" featuring Mistier, a melange of synths and downbeat rhythms delivering a stimulating atmosphere. EarthLife's remix of "Awaken the Soul" featuring Photographs. is a mind-blowing and liberating track. The final track on this album is a remix of "Epiphany" by Underher, showing off minimal beats and blasting synths for a dreamy and beautiful journey.

Each artist in this album used their own magic to deliver fascinating remixes. A spellbinding release, leaving you wanting more.

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