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  Steve Kelley , unpacks some secrets of his new EP Paradise

1.- IBR .- Hi Steve,  when did you start working on your new EP, and how long did it take to produce from start to finish?

Steve Kelley.- I started working on the EP back in September 2021.  I first sent over ‘Sparks May Fly’ which Steve instantly loved and then the same week sent over ‘Paradise’ so roughly a week. 


2.- IBR.- Paradise in your words, "brings to mind the wonderful sunsets of Ibiza and the smiling faces of the people on the dancefloor", what has Ibiza meant and what does it mean to you as an artist? Hence the name Paradise?.


Steve Kelley.- Ibiza to me is a special place.  From the moment you step foot off the airplane you instantly feel the vibe from the island and not just from the musical aspect. 

The island itself has some of the best sunsets I've seen and it’s such a friendly place. 

From an artist's perspective over the years of going, for me it definitely has some of the best sound systems on the planet, there’s no attitude and when playing or being part of an event you’re just surrounded by like minded people loving the music, just dancing away being lost within the experience.  Sets from some of the well known artists too are completely different to back here in the U.K too I feel.

Steve Kelley 13.jpeg

3.-IBR.- How started the complicity between you and Steve Bug and therefore with the Sublease Music sub-label ?.


Steve Kelley.- Around 3 years ago I noticed Steve was playing and charting quite a few of tracks which was amazing to see.  I thought to myself that Steve must like my vibe so I reached out to him via Instagram and the rest is history.


4. IBR - Anecdotes to remember in the creation, edition, production, post production of Paradise?.


Steve Kelley .- Paradise is a deep cut with a euphoric vibe.  Making this back in the late Summer evenings really set the tone. Sparks Might Fly kicks off with a fat chunky groove and subtle chord stabs before dropping the bass line.  Being the b-side of the EP I wanted this one to be more of a builder adding some nice change ups, building up a deep atmosphere.


5.- IBR.- What motivates or inspires you when you create?.


Steve Kelley.- I mainly get my inspiration from different environments, mainly traveling abroad especially to Northern Italy where I hold a residency, however I also get inspiration from listening to other music new or old, other artists, radio and TV too.


I also get alot of my inspiration from listening to all types and styles of music and sampling sounds from them making them my own using various plugins and EQ.


6.-IBR.- Where would you like to play in the next months in Ibiza, ( if all the clubs open, of course)?

Steve Kelley.- If I could pick one club then it would have to be the terrace at Amnesia followed by DC10. On the flipside and from a more laid back vibe then Cova Santa.


7.-IBR.- New projects What's going on out there ?. We are really curious.


Steve Kelley.- I’ve some more releases out the first and second quarter of 2022 with a remix on Oh! Records Stockholm and two tracks on Nick Warren’s label The Soundgarden which I'm excited to release.

Steve Kelley Studio Shot (1).jpg

8.- IBR.- What do you regret in your career that you haven't done and if you could go back you would do it?


Steve Kelley .- In my music career I feel I've achieved most things from djing, producing and putting on events, however a regret I have is probably the opportunity I had learning and making a track at the start of  my career back in 1999 and linking someone else up instead with the engineer and not myself.  Making music 20 years ago when I started in the scene may have been a faster platform to grow as now it’s more popular and continually growing.


9.- IBR.- Any artist you would like to play or work with on a track that you haven't done so far.


Steve Kelley.- It has to be Steve Bug both playing and working on a track together, what with the past we’ve had so far.


10.-IBR.- With more than 20 years behind you touring the world, as a DJ, promoter, what advice would you give to the new generations?.


Steve Kelley .- Surround yourself with like-minded people. When collecting music, go to what turns you on and who inspires you, try not to get hung up on making mistakes, learn to develop an ear for beat structure and timings, make as many mixes as you can and ask for feedback. Don't be shy to ask for help, network with people and just overall be a decent person, work hard, remain to your true style, be nice to everyone you meet and be positive.


11.- IBR.- What do you think you still have to do in music?.


Steve Kelley .- I have loads more to learn around producing music.  I am looking to develop myself even more this year in this arena to grow and improve.  Also I enjoy helping others and guiding the new generations as best I can.


12.-IBR.- I know it's a difficult question to answer, due to the times we live in, but we can never stop dreaming. Dreams to be fulfilled.


Steve Kelley .- Yes, difficult times at the moment for sure, however it does feel like there’s some light at the end of the tunnel but I'd love to be touring regularly and ultimately give up the day job to be full time working within the music industry.


We hope to see you in Ibiza this summer and you are very welcome to come to our studio.


Thanks guys and great catching up.  Hope to see you in 2022!

Interviewed by Esther Rodriguez
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