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 Demuir - Under The Waning Moon (LP) 


Not one to withhold creativity, label boss Demuir follows up with a second album release in 2023 from his highly successful, "V I S I O N S" (LP).

"Under the Waning Moon" is the exploration of intimate relationships and the impact when one of those individuals continuously chooses to be toxic in their addictive actions. We are always encouraged to be empathetic with those struggling with addictions, but despite moments of sobriety and reflection they continue to choose otherwise… "I’m here to say that it’s better to save yourself in order to save them and it’s ok to be so angry and disappointed that it leads to forgiveness and closure in the end." The character on the cover depicts a sad and tragic woman slowly losing herself with each orb of energy acting as decay and all that comes with it…


The person who saves themselves can see the dark abyss they were in illuminated by the waning moon.

Early support from: Derrick Carter, Mark Farina, DJ Sneak, Disclosure, Honey Dijon, Kenny Dope, Phil Weeks, Kerri Chandler, and more!


Conceived, Produced, Arranged, and Mixed by: Demuir

Artwork: Demuir

Shouts & Thank You to... GOD, Mom, Crystal, Mikita, Aaron, Roland (Jr.), Aki, Mr. Attic, Gabrielle, Nick Holder, David Kiss (HoY), DJ Sneak, Mark Farina, Derrick Carter, Honey Dijon, Troy, Daniel Dubb, Mark Kufner, Raph, Beatport Jackin House, Leela's Roti, Patreon, Noodle, Paul Najera, Jr. Quijada, Nathan Barato, Carlo Lio, Aysh, Ryan, Till, DJ Spen, Phil Weeks, Josh Butler, Cogey, Rachel, Kerri Chandler, Kenny Dope, Louie Vega, A Guy Called Gerald, Chez Damier, Easy Mo Bee, Moodymann, Bishop TD Jakes, Jazz, 90s HipHop, 70s Psyche Rock, Jazz, Fans, Arturia, UAD, ASM, Roland, Softube, Behringer, Matt (Pioneer), Pioneer DJ, Focal, Ensoniq, Symphonic, Apple, Toronto Manz, toxic people, losers, fake people, loser artists who buy their own music, loser artists who don't make their music, perspective, weed, blunts, promoter politics, haters, spiritual discernment, undercover haters, grown ass people who can't take accountability for their actions...The Sun and the Moon.

Exclusively on Beatport: June 2

Digital Worldwide: June 30

Vinyl Release: Fall/Winter 2023

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