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La Santa has curated a panoramic soundtrack to start the new year with Redolent Music. Asher title shows, this compilation is a tessellation of artistic synergy and cross-genre pollination in authentic Redolent scents.

Despite its short history,


Redolent Music has displayed an incredible maturity, leading many musicians to deposit their projects, fans to discover an elegant world of electronic Music,

and the media to witness the exquisiteness of DJ Chus, with his extensive experience, and La Santa, with her incursion and personal and musical growth.

Music is energy; this is La Santa's philosophy. When she works, her whole spirit awakens

and expands this vibration: the vibration of love, respect, passion for life, and passion for


All these feelings are embodied in this various artist compilation, with its different sounds and textures, unleashing a mind-blowing two-volume release that perfectly showcases the multicultural essence, versatility, and elegance for which the label is beloved.

Cruising through the world, a trip to search, the musical essence gleams in this 23-track journey, reverberating in strata of deep tribal rhythms, lush percussion, Afro-infused grooves, unique synthetic modulations, and organic house.

Artists from Spain, France, Bulgaria, Mexico, Peru, Venezuela, and Colombia, the African representation from Morocco and South Africa, and the Middle Eastern representation from Israel and Egypt all demonstrate a high level of talent.

Led by Alehho, Amine K, Anorre, Eran Hersh, Nelson X, Jay Fase, Dj Ino, Scott Pullen, Cato

Anaya, Alfonso Ares, Stones & Bones, Dum K feat. Nomvula SA, DiMO (BG), Duty Sound,

Freespirit, Shay dT, Venthura, 2Nomads feat. Mercedes Vilora, Oscar Mula, Way Of

Thinking, Vooz Brothers, Moshem, Queen Rami, Aradya, Free Spirit, La Santa and Coco.

Undoubtedly, we find ourselves not only with the consolidation of Redolent but also with La

Santa as the Ambassador of our unmistakable sound.

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