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V.A. - Voyager 01

VOYAGER is a new Atlant concept inspired by NASA spacecraft exploring our solar system and the interstellar space beyond.

VOYAGER presents 11 brand new tracks from the finest production talent, each with the vision to create music that endures the test of time and still sounds fantastic light years from now.

As a label we’ve wanted to put together a Various Artist release for quite some time. Just as NASA required the precise gravitational alignment of four giant outer planets to swing its spacecraft onto the next orbit, we needed the right collection of tracks. The VOYAGER release had be something very special, pushing the sound of our label forward to deliver a complete body of work that is for now and for the future.

Over the past six months we pulled together innovative productions that encompass Atlant's core values for being fresh, exciting and inspirational. Music that explores new sonic possibilities and pushes a melodic sound full of rich layers and textures, as well as being able to fit into a complete vision and unified sound.

Our Atlant VOYAGER crew crosses the spectrum of established artists, current new visionaries and the stars of tomorrow brought to you now.

Sascha Braemer, Julian Wassermann, Florian Kruse have appeared on the likes Systematic, Kompakt Extra and Last Night On Earth. Adamant featured on Afterlife, Fat Cosmoe on Notturna and Traum, Soma Soul on Radiant and Endangered. Losless and Ivan Masa have established themselves on Atlant. Remcord runs his own Reba label. Carlo Whale, Mark Hoffen, and Massano are all rapidly emerging talent that should be on everyones radar.

Such a special collection of music needed one more thing to complete the package. To round this release off Atlant label boss BOg presents the 11 tracks as a complete journey in a continuous mix, with a few extra flourishes for your listening pleasure.

"Someday humans will leave our cocoon in the solar system to explore beyond our home system. Voyager will have led the way.” [John Grunsfeld | NASA]

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