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Africa Gets Physical Vol. 4

PACK SHOT Thandi Draai - Africa Gets Physical Vol.4 - Get Physical Music.jpg

01 Thakzin feat. Kitty Amor - Khoisan
02 Dawgpound - Egypt
03 Un_nown & Zikhona - Sikelela
04 Drega & Maline Aura - Mama Dear
05 Suffocate SA & Miči - Free Now
06 Thandi Draai - Iris (Atmos Blaq Remix) 07 Saint Evo - Tuhan

08 Thandi Draai & Candy Man- Out Of Africa
09 DJ Beekay & Thandi Draai - Linda
10 Kasango & Deep Narratives feat. Lizwi - Ngenani 11 Shona SA & Sazi Cele - Sekukude
12 Silvva - Jumanji
13 Khensy & Cuebur - Huwelelani
14 Afro Brotherz feat. Pixie & Lucky Keys - Amathuba 15 Thandi Draai - Jika (DJ Clock Remix)
16 BlaQRhythm - In The Jungle
17 Eltonnick & G-Wash10 feat. T_Phoenix - Osiris

Get Physical Music kicks off 2022 with Thandi Draai's landmark Africa Gets Physical Vol. 4 which features some of the most exciting names in the South African house scene.

Producer, vocalist and singer Draai has been a core part of the label this year. It is where she has already released her ‘Jika EP’ as well as collaborative singles from this mix with DJ Beekay and Candy Man. Before now she has won several high-profile competitions - one of which saw her get mentorship from Wyclef Jean. She has also been on MistaJam's Africa Week on the BBC, appeared on hit South African show Masters of Spin and is currently a resident DJ on Ukhozi FM's Bhampa2Bhampa show every Friday, which is the leading radio station in Africa. As such she is a preeminent light in the vibrant South African scene and is now getting international acclaim as the country's first woman of colour to release solo tracks.

Says Thandi of this adventurous new selection, "What a time for Afro Tech House, it’s alive and vibrating through the whole Universe right now. I am super honored to be compiling this year's Africa Gets Physical Vol 4 and for the opportunity to work with such amazing artists from right across the African continent. I’m coming through unapologetic about our African electronic dance music. Camagu!"

The album opens up with Thakzin feat. Kitty Amor's tribal house call to arms with hefty kicks setting a deep groove. Dawgpound's 'Egypt' then smooths out the drums and layers in spine-tingling vocals before the seven-minute epic 'Sikelela' brings lush layers of percussion, synth and marimba. There is a soothing and heady feel to the cuddly beats of Drega's 'Mama Dear' featuring vocalist Maline Aura then 'Free Now' opens out into cinematic house soundscapes, and Amos Blaq offers an exquisite remix of Thandi's 'Iris' that has gorgeous vocals and pillowy drums.

The second half of the mix lifts you up with epic strings on 'Tuhan,' Thandi Draai & Candy Man's emotionally stirring 'Out Of Africa' and a second Thandi collaboration, this time with DJ Beekay and the heartfelt 'Linda.' There is a more steely energy to the zipping synths and warrior drums of 'Ngenani' and arresting chants of 'Sekukude' by Shona SA & Sazi Cele. This ever-evolving, always richly musical mix rolls on through devastating Afro house from Silvva, Cuebur, Khensy and a bright DJ Clock remix of Thandi's standout single 'Jika.' BlaQRhythm's rolling and hypotonic 'In The Jungle' and Eltonnick & G-Wash10's 'Osiris' featuring T_Phoenix close things down in truly epic and unforgettable fashion.

Africa Gets Physical Vol. 4 is another authentic snapshot of the continent's unique house scene.

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