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Alaia & Gallo, the duo of DJs and producers from Naples, who have known and know how to make their mark in the world of House music. 


As you all know they have a monthly date with us on the 3rd Wednesday of every month at 21.00 h with their radio show. Proud to be born in a city that has had and still has great names in the electronic scene like Marco Carola, Riva Starr, Joseph Capriati, to name a few. 

1.- IBR - You have a very fruitful year with many new productions coming out in January, February, March and later months. Tell us.

How do you manage to combine study, gigs and personal life?.


Alaia & Gallo.- Yes, guys, we have spent a lot of time in studio in the past months and now we have a lot of new releases scheduled for great part of the year such as remixes for Milk & Sugar and Barbara Tucker, Morsy ft. Darryl D’Bonneau on Roger Sanchez imprint Stealth Records, as well an original on Mother Recordings out on February.

We usually don’t have problems in combining work and personal life: simply, when we are home we close doors and windows and all the things we want to keep out, stay outside.


2.- IBR - A curiosity, I suppose you have different personalities, what is it like to work with someone different from you in the same project, is there an easy consensus?.


Alaia & Gallo.- We constantly exchange ideas and point of views in the arrangement phase. Sometimes we agree on everything, sometimes not, but we always find a solution and usually it’s in the middle (just like for everything, we think). 


3.- IBR - Do you define tasks for each of you, I mean, what part is each of you in charge of in a production? You start creating together, one creates and the other develops. Tell us a bit about the process.

Alaia & Gallo.- Usually we start tracks from a scratch individually and as soon as the idea takes shape (sometimes just 16 beats) we submit it to each other to see what a fresh ear thinks about it. Then we move to the arrangement phase where we work together until the track is finalized.


4.-IBR: Who is the craziest and who is the most perfectionist?.

Alaia & Gallo.- Easy answer here: Alaia is the craziest and Gallo is the perfectionist and we have to say that this combo has worked pretty well so far!

5.- IBR: You have released tracks and remixes on many important labels in the House scene like Defected Records, Soul Heaven Rec, Armada, ElRow Music, Milk & Sugar Recordings... I know it's not an easy question, but do you have a label that you especially like to work with? 

Alaia & Gallo.- We have had a good time with each of these label and all the people we met have demonstrated to be really professional, but we have to confess to have a special relationship with Defected who owns also our publishing rights. Working with them is always special and a lot of times we bounce off ideas with label A&Rs. It’s a really fun part of the creative process even though sometimes it requires time.


6.- IBR.- At some point in your careers, did you think about giving up?.

Alaia & Gallo.- The producers’ careers are made of ups and downs, so it’s natural that sometimes you have to face dark creative moments while in other moments everything comes out easily. We think that you should always believe in what you do and at some point you will get your chance. Personally we have never thought of giving up, even in the darkest moments.


7.-IBR.- Which music that you have composed makes you feel more proud, and which is the one that brings you the best memories and why?.

Alaia & Gallo.- “Who Is He?” originally released in 2016 on Soul Heaven Records has and will always have a special place in our hearts, because it’s been the track who definitely put us on the map. More recently, our remix for Bobby D’Ambrosio and Michelle WeeksThe Day” entered by force among our favorite productions because had a large support from thousands of Djs worldwide.


8.-IBR.- Have you ever had stage fright during your career?.

Alaia & Gallo.- Honestly, we have never had fright of a stage, but for sure somewhere we have been really excited such as in our first appearance at Defected Croatia Festival or at our gig at Womb in Tokyo (it was our first time in Asia).


9.- IBR.- Next Gigs for this 2022, (if covid allows it, of course).

Alaia & Gallo.- We’ll kick off the year with gigs in Bulgaria, Mexico alongside our residency at Joia in Naples. But, as you said, if Covid allows it.


10.-IBR.- Among the artists you have worked with, with whom do you have a funny anecdote?.

Alaia & Gallo.- Last September we shared the stage in a festival with Weiss and on our comeback we had the same driver. Well, maybe we were tired, maybe he spoke really quick, but in our route to the hotel (about 20 minutes) we understood about the 10% of what he say. Our replies where “yes”, “really?”, “wow” and stuff like that. We’re aware we’ve not been the best interlocutors ahahahah


11.- IBR.- Will we see you in Ibiza this summer?.

Alaia & Gallo.- For sure! We cannot say more at the moment, but we’ll definitely come back to La Isla!

Alai & Gallo.jpg

12.- IBR.-  Any advice for the new generations on what to do and what never to do. 

Alaia & Gallo.- Never give up and follow always your dreams. Nothing will come easily, so be prepared to work hard and resist to the bad times!


13.- IBR.- Always together, have you thought about producing separately?.

Alaia & Gallo.- We started our careers separately, but we achieved the best results when we decided to join forces, so, at the moment, we don’t have any reason to change a winning team!


Super pleasure to have been with you and we hope to see you very soon on the island. 

Interviewed by Esther Rodriguez
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