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The All Day I Dream Festival

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May 12-15, 2022, Woodward Reservoir


Lee Burridge’s All Day I Dream has captured the imagination of music lovers globally by offering magical experiences that focus on feeling as much as the music. Now, the illustrious outfit is calling those seeking a new kind of  experience, and its first-ever camping event. On May 12-15 2022, All Day I Dream will take over the lush shores of California’s Woodward Reservoir in Oakdale, California, with four days and three nights of DJ sets, live music, meditation, sound healing, and more. ADID’s typical one day show curation will transcend for a weekend concentrated on wellness, and inspiring all who attend to dream. 


All Day I Dream is currently celebrating its 10th anniversary of events and curation. The label’s ethos has always come from a place of love, freedom, creativity and beauty - pioneering a whimsical and melodic style of house music that has made a massive impact on dance music as a whole. ADID has developed a sound that has helped the genre move beyond the clubs and into the open-air. Melodic and Organic house have since become their own genres on Beatport, and many other labels have followed suit sonically. Bringing together like minded artists who make and play gorgeous music, as well as a beautiful community of dreamers, All Day I Dream has led the way in inspiring the path that many others continue to follow.


Quote from Lee Burridge:


“We’re beyond excited to announce The All Day I Dream Festival: 4 days and 3 nights of beautiful experiences, music, art, and whatever else we can all dream up together at the idyllic Woodward Reservoir in California. Located just a 2 hour drive from San Francisco, and 5 hours from LA, this is the location we’ve been on a quest for. A perfect playground out in nature to not only camp in but to disconnect and dance. There are beaches to bask on and gorgeous water to wade in. A whole weekend for you to discover and explore curated art installations, yoga and other wellness activities, food and, of course, blissful music. You'll also have the opportunity to meet fellow dreamers from around the world. Four days of experiences infused with love!”


The festival will take place in Oakdale, California, roughly 2 hours outside of San Francisco and 5 hours north of Los Angeles. The Woodward Reservoir offers a serene natural  landscape  and space for picnicking and camping. ADID’s inaugural event will feature three stages - an outdoor waterfront, beach and circus tent stage will host the music over the weekend. From the art to the food to the production to the yoga and meditation, every aspect of the festival will focus on wellness and inspiring each attendee to wander, explore, and find a place of beauty, love, happiness and joy.


While the event promises to bring a familiar cast of All Day I Dream artists, fans can expect headlining acts in the live band and alternative electronic space. Lots of Art Installations, art cars, and Local delicious food will be available for attendees. If you fancy a weekend with friends, beautiful strangers, happiness, love, kindness and fun with some amazing music then we hope you’ll join us for our inaugural journey into the heart and soul of the All Day I Dream community. 


ADID returned with a globe-spanning summer tour in 2021, and reprised its Mykonos and Ibiza residencies while recently conjuring smiles in New York, Bail, London, Chicago, Denver, and San Francisco. 


Equally strong is the label’s 2021 release schedule, which has seen solo records from Lee Burridge and Sébastien Léger, a new Gorje Hewek album, the second ‘Lost Desert & Friends,’ and the debut album from DIM KELLY


Quote from Lee Burridge:

All Day I Dream’s mission has been to create a very special space that not only encourages love, positivity, creativity and beauty but also inspires it's global community of like minded dreamers to do the same. With that in mind the time has come to make our next dream come true. FESTIVAL WEEKEND!


From the moment you walk in, every moment is intentional and curated, part of a wellness experience


What if you met the love of our life, what if you walked away feeling party than when you walked in. we’ve all been through tough times. Not reinventing the wheel, just trying to encapsulate the entire experience under the umbrella of positivity and emotion. 


From when you walk in until you leave, its a wellness experience


Reaching beyond our Dreamers - stretching to all those looking to experience something curated, intentional 


The journey itself - the holistic experience - it what makes you feel well, instills you with a sense of well-being


From the mind of Lee Burridge to give you an amazing experience


Emotion is the force that threads all the music curation together - from the warmth of a magical live band experience, the looking for community without borders, without limits - somewhere everyone can be comfortable


Confirmed so far are Lee, Sebastien Leger, Gorje Hewek, Tim Green, Roy Rosenfeld, Facundo Mohrr, Lost Desert, Hoj, Gab Rhome, and Newman as the heavy hitters from the ADID side, lots of smaller acts confirmed as well. Also working on Bedouin which would be their first ADID show since March 2019. Working on some non ADID acts like Jan Blomqvist, Satori, Guy Gerber, Poolside, Bat For Lashes but everything on that side is still very up in the air at the moment. 


Connect with All Day I Dream:


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