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André Hommen, the young DJ and Producer, who described the house music as his motherland, his home.

 Hi André,  really happy to share these special moments with you.

1.- IBR.- From the beginning of your career the house music has made part of your life. When did you decide to become a Dj and a Producer?

André Hommen : It started very early for me, like at the age of 12 / 13. I discovered electronic music through the radio and was listening to a special show every Saturday.

So while all my friends would go out, I was at home listening to the radio show. I was recording everything on cassettes so that I was able to listen throughout the whole week. The cassettes still exist btw ; ) . Then with 14 I started DJing based on this radio show basically. A few years later I started producing. 


2.- IBR.- What was it like working with talented artists like Denis Ferrer, Martinez Brothers , Loco Dice, among others, in projects for the Objektivity label?


André Hommen :   Well obviously the time with Dennis Ferrer and working / running a label like Objektivity was a huge thing for me. I have learned so much during those 10 years and without Dennis, I wouldn’t be where I am now. He reached me a lot and it was a big pleasure touring with him for almost three years. 


3.- IBR.- Were you ever afraid to get on stage, to not be up to it?


André Hommen : I remember well, the first few times when I was playing as some sort of headliner in different countries, I was really nervous. I started preparing the sets already weeks before and when the driver picked me up at the hotel, I was already running around like a nervous child. Luckily this was over when the routine kicked in but I still have it on festivals or when you have the chance to play in very important clubs for the scene. 


4.-IBR.- Do you know that producers who are also DJs prefer the studio to the gigs and vice versa, in your case, what do you like most and what generates more adrenaline?


André Hommen : I mentioned it before in some interviews but I definitely prefer being a DJ. It gives me much more than being a producer, even though the creation part is totally different. Gigs are definitely generating more adrenaline for me, however also the studio can generate that when you think you have created some sort of amazing track haha. 


5.- IBR.- You have your own label These Eyes, by the way a fantastic one, what is coming next after your album „More Than This“? 

The next release will be the first part of remixes of the album, coming by Robag Wruhme and Jonathan Kaspar. The second part will come early next year but there will be another EP in between from Ben Westbeech which I am really excited about : ). 

6.-IBR.- Due to the Covid, there is an excess of live streaming on social networks, do you think that this saturation benefits or hinders the evolution and development of quality of electronic music?


André Hommen :  Well amount of live streams were too much. People are not interested in streams anymore so there is no need to do any more. However overall it was a great idea as it helped to keep the scene alive. But in general it’s a really bad time for the scene at the moment and I hope that all artists and clubs will get out of it fine. 


7.- IBR.- As a producer and DJ you have found support from well known and famous artists, or has it been difficult for you to find a place for yourself?


André Hommen :  I just kept doing what I love and people supported it which is also the biggest compliment you can get. Therefore I was happy when I found out that DJs who I was admiring by the time, played my tracks and even invited me to play at their parties. 



8.-IBR.- What artist would you like to work with that you haven't worked with yet?.


André Hommen : I would love to do a remix for Depeche Mode. As long time fan, that is on top of the wish list since many years! 



9.-IBR.- Tell us something that you havent done in your career, and you would like to do and something that you let slip away? 


André Hommen :  I just released my album which was one of the last things I wanted to do. There will be a little break now so that I can concentrate more on my label These Eyes and stuff like that. But new stuff will be coming for sure : ) 



André Hommen , child prodigy, who from a very early age knew how to find his way and today has come to conquer the area of the great producers of the current electronic scene.


 It is a great pleasure to have had you with us and we hope to see you performing soon with a big crowd waving their hips .... 

Thanks André!

Interviewed by Paul Ross

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