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Anjunadeep lands from London on IBR, this Saturday at 22.00 CET.

We are really excited  to inform you that Anjunadeep is making part of our family  this next Saturday  and they will be with us every Saturday of the month.   



Anjunadeep is an independent record label based in London, founded in 2005 by

Above & Beyond and James Grant.


Having begun life as an outlet for the deeper and more progressive end of the trio’s DJ sets, the label has grown into one of the dance music world’s most respected imprints, working with the likes of Dusky, Lane 8, Yotto, Way Out West and Cubicolor , has released albums from Moon Boots, Way Out West, Dusky and Michael Cassette and remains a hotbed for emerging talent.


The label hosts regular showcase events around the world, including its own destination festival in Albania, and welcomes sell-out crowds to premiere venues like London’s Printworks and NYC’s Brooklyn Mirage.

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