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Brasilo De Oliveira "El brujo de la Noche", the godfather of Ibiza's nightlife, dies in his hometown , Sao Paulo.


Brasilio de Oliveira joined Ibiza at the beginning of the 70s after completing his studies as an economist, finding a magic island and deciding to stay.


He was in his hometown Sao Paulo for a while until he returned to his beloved Ibiza in April, where he would start preparing the next season of LA TROYA at Heart Ibiza on Wednesdays as usual, when Covid-19 ,  showed up, without being called, to take him away from us.


Icon of Ibiza and creator of the most famous parties of the island as, La Vaca Asesina, in the old Ku, today Privilege, where he broke records of public for 4 consecutive years, continuing for 14 years more in Amnesia, then passing to Space, Pacha and finally to Heart Ibiza where he triumphed every Wednesday.


Everyone wanted to have the party and he performed more than 100 times in the main cities of the world.


Visionary and a staunch defender of LGBT rights and equality.


His parties were frequented by all kinds of people and were impregnated with joy, happiness, transgression, freedom and harmony. Perhaps it was the mixture of all these ingredients that led him to unquestionable success.


Without losing his essence, he created many other parties such as the Babylon Festival, the Temple of Love, in Hell, in Prison, in Calcutta, in Brazil...


He always wanted to be in the background, people knew his name and not his appearance, humble and fighter, funny and breaker of molds, Brasilio has left us in an unexpected way, but we have his party, his humor and his most eccentric sense of freedom.


He will always be with us and as he used to say " This is the real Ibiza " and we will continue to do so.


Thank you Brasilio, we will miss you!

By Esther Rodriguez 

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