The Founder Member of Stereo productions and representative of the Iberian Sound Chus L. Esteban

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1.- IBR.- For the great celebration of these 20 years of Stéreo Productions, you have prepared a 5 volume sequence of STEREO 2020 REMIXED with the participation of more than 80 artists.How has it been to carry out this project of such high importance in such difficult times as we have lived and in a certain way we are still living?

CHUS: Hello everyone and thank you for this opportunity,  as you said, it is a very big project that began to take shape last year, when no one could imagine that a global pandemic would come to paralyze the world. 

The most important thing is the illusion with which we have prepared these 5 volumes, taking great care of quality and above all trying to show the wide spectrum of sound that our catalogue covers, playing genres as different as Techno, House, Melodic, Afro House and Tech House with artists who are in line with our philosophy, most of them great friends who have accompanied us over the years and many others, new talents and producers who somehow reflect the philosophy of Stereo


2.-IBR.- You have had artists from the label and others related to it like Steve Lawler, Mathias Tanzzmann, Roger Sánchez, Mark Knight, Nick Curly, Joeski, D- Formation, Sparrow & Barbossa or Dosem among others, (many of them have their radio shows programmed in the station like you, everything has to be said)..-  Tell us, how has it been the experience of being able to count on such diverse artists, from different countries and with the social distance... 


What has been the biggest difficulty you have found and what have you liked the most?.


CHUS: It has been a formidable and very enriching experience, because it has given me the possibility of enjoying the diversity of genres that coexist in electronic music, as a good lover of quality electronic music, being able to bring together so many talents as part of the celebration of our anniversary has been a prize in itself.

I feel very proud of this Remixes album that is a very wide sample of the musical legacy that Stereo has left in these 20 years, also the excellent predisposition of the artists when they were contacted made things much easier, without them this project would have no sense.
On behalf of myself and the entire Stereo team, a million thanks to each and every one of the artists involved. 

3.- IBR - The 5th Volume of STEREO 2020 REMIXED is baking and you plan to release it soon, when will it be available?.


CHUS: Indeed, we are currently closing the last volume of the collection, which will also be the final chapter where we will gather the best remixes of the 4 previous volumes and add new remixes of artists such as Danny Tenaglia, Cat'z & Dogz, Markus Homm, Josh Butler, Dennis Cruz, Harry Romero, Mathias Kaden, Enai, Yamil, Sparrow & Barbossa or Dean Mickoski among others.

The departure date is set for December of this year, and we hope that it will serve to say goodbye to a strange year and to start a 2021 with hope and illusion that will give us all back the magic of music, tours and parties that we need so much.