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Rodriguez Jr. "Hydra"

Award-winning music producer and live performer Rodriguez Jr. also known as Olivier Mateu returns to his spiritual home here at mobilee, following up from the acclaimed album “Blisss” with a brand new EP that delivers a transcendental state with such an emotion that we can honestly say is unique to this very special artist.

We are proud to present “Hydra EP”. The lead track “Hydra” immediately transports into Rodriguez Jr.’s alternate universe of swelling synths and distinctive melodies that stay in your psyche for a very long time. As with most of Olivier’s tracks, it can be enjoyed as much inside headphones for a needed escape, as in a club, or at sunrise on a Brittany mountain, where he showcased the track for the first time in his recent live stream with BOLDR. The key changes and evolving soundscape delight within any space and at every level, in a sound that is pure Rodriguez Jr., which will delight long-time fans and new alike.

Finishing the EP, “Pegasus” sets its signature with a piano trill, thrilling fans who well know Rodriguez Jr’s relationship with this instrument. Crafted in his Paris studio, rhythmic synthesisers, ethereal pads and a tender bassline join the soundscape to create the setting for a tantalising melody to take the heart strings of the listener on a special journey which is, at 7 minutes, entirely too short.

Following on from his collaboration with Eric Horstmann´s Immersive Lab and Dolby Atmos for “Blisss”, “Hydra EP” has also been re-mastered for a multi-dimensional experience. Dolby Atmos technology expands on existing surround sound sound systems by adding height channels, allowing sounds to be interpreted as three-dimensional objects. To immerse yourself totally in “Hydra” with incredible clarity, head to TIDAL or Amazon Music HD with Echo Studio

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