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Hyatt Centric Gran Via Madrid

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Hyatt Centric Gran Via Madrid, located in the heart of the city and in the most iconic and relevant avenue of the city, a symbol of modernity and innovation, reflects the values of the brand, capturing the spirit of the culture and the local environment for the customer who travels to the capital for both leisure and business.

Since its launch in 2017, Hyatt Centric has offered an intimate, casual experience with personality, an evolution of the boutique hotel concept into what is known as the lifestyle segment.


The hotel, decorated with the utmost care and attention to detail, reminds us of an old radio station, with very unique details, such as the On Air sign at the entrance, the reception tables and of course the Ondas bar, vermuteria / Lounge, which with its excellently decorated stands, reminds us of the stalls of the radio stations where the audience experienced first-hand the emotions of the competitions, the performances of artists and soap operas. 


The hotel is full of subtle references to the history of Madrid, with special mention of its rooftop, El Jardin de Diana, located on the tenth floor, which hides a unique treasure: a beam damaged by the impact of a shell aimed at the old Telefonica building in the Spanish Civil War, which was embedded inside. After the renovation of the building, it has become a work of art representing Peace and Unity.


Its original gastronomic proposal and its signature cocktail bar, as well as its magnificent views of the city of Madrid, make it a unique and incomparable space.

Crowning the skies we find the statue of Diana the Huntress, the Roman goddess, with 5 meters high, specially designed for this magnificent space, which represents the ties of union between the building and the owner family of Mexican origin Diaz Estrada.


The Hotel's spaces preserve the architectural value of Art Deco, such as its 19th century façade, the entrance portico and its palatial spiral staircase with its handmade banister, with special reference to the Atelliers located on the first floor, which comprise 197 square metres of flexible meeting rooms with the most advanced technology.


These panelled rooms are flooded with natural light and are completely soundproofed thanks to their thick glass panes that allow you to enjoy the views of the Gran Via while isolating yourself from the exciting bustle of the city. 


Decorated with the utmost originality, they reproduce an inverted garden through which a pathway of espadrilles looks out, in allusion to the landscapes of the Retiro Park.


Hotel Hyatt Centric Gran Via, is designed to enjoy the destination as a resident, in an authentic way, inspired by relevant elements of the local culture.

Its modern rooms offer everything from environmentally friendly bathroom products to Bluetooth devices, making the guest's stay unforgettable.

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