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Video Premiere Wednesday September 15


2021 is turning out to be a monumental year for Maya Jane Coles. Along with the usual circuit of festival headlining gigs, sold out performances and her recently announced new album, it is now revealed that Maya Jane Coles will have her own weekly radio show, Radio 1 resicency during the month of November.

Maya doesn't do things by halves, which is why she has created the most creative videos of her career for this new album, so ambitious in fact that they are more like two parts of a short film rather than just a music video.


The multi-award winning, Anglo-Japanese and also erudite Maya Jane Coles, brings her album "Night Creature" to life with the video for the first single "Run To You". A noir gothic queer killer - the film takes inspiration from Killing Eve and Kill Bill and features Maya and a cast made up entirely of LBTQI characters traversing the dark and winding streets of the night to achieve their nefarious goals.

Maya talks about "Run Yo You" and its own sequel "True Love To The Grave" (set for release later this month): "Queer people, especially women aren't usually portrayed in an interesting, alternative way on screen so we wanted to make something that had no complexes whatsoever that was female-centric, queer, intersectional, dark, moody and fierce. Hopefully, even in confinement, I think we pulled it off!

Shot in and around one of London's coolest clubs, The Fold, during the lock-in, "Run To You" is the first of a two-part short film, directed by Charlie Lightening, for which Maya has assembled an all-star cast featuring names like Skin (Skunk Anansie), artist, writer and producer Claudia Kane and some of London's best-known queer designers, performers, artists and activists.

A two-part film, so epic, that Maya hired the stunt team from Netflix's #1 show, The Witcher to join the production, Russell De Rozario - the production designer behind films like Kick Ass or Xmen as a collaborator, and with costuming done by award winning designer Ilaria Lepore with styling by Alexis Knox.

Those with an eagle eye will recognize the likes of London Trans Pride and Harpies founder Lucia Blayke, Lewis Burton (founder of inferno & performer), Stella Marbles (founder of Cookie Jar, mask maker), Max the Tribrid(model), Emily Crooked(activist, writer), Spook (visual artist), Fifi Rong (artist, producer), Juni Da Moment(fashion designer, dancer), Alexis Meshida(actress, activist, model), Cassandra(performer), Ashraf(Drag Race UK Pit Crew), Wax Wings(DJ, graphic designer), Becky Stroke (founder of HTBX), Steven Braines (co-founder of HE. SHE. THEY.), Sophia Kearney (HE. SHE. THEY.), RUTHLSS (DJ), Glam Clam(performer) and Olivia Strange(artist).

Night Creature Front Cover GREEN GLOW 02.jpg


01. Night Creature

02. True Love To The Grave feat. Claudia Kane

03. Sin(e) City

04. Run To You feat. Claudia Kane

05. Die Hard

06. Devil's Dance

07. Hypnotised feat. Lie Ning

08. Show Me Love

09. Monday's Mood

10. Survival Mode

11. Got Me feat. Julia Stone

12. Need

13. Come With Me feat. Claudia Kane

14. Light feat. Karin Park

15. Slooow Jam

16. Ending

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