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Mobilee Rooftop Summer Vol. 5

Although the summer didn’t happen atop a rooftop in Barcelona, as is our natural home, it certainly happened. Across the Ibiza airwaves on our Ibiza BPM Radio residency, in open-airs around the world, in our heads and hearts. And so, as dance floors re-open in our Berlin home, we bring you the spirit of our summer, in our historic yearly Rooftop compilation, volume 5.

Featuring the tracks that shaped our year, including from the likes of Jonas Rathman’s “Uno”, created deep in the forest; “Matter” - cementing the rise of Luke Alessi as he went head to head with the Stereo MC’s; and “End of The Road”, taken from AFFKT’s acclaimed studio album. Not to mention Mobilee faces Rodriguez Jr., Nolan, M.E.M.O., Squire, and many more.

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