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Danny Tenaglia: DIBIZA REMIXED
20 Years of Stereo Productions

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Catz 'N Dogz, Harry Romero, Hector de Vatos Locos, Ki Creighton and Oscar L are the artists in charge of bringing this renowned track by Danny Tenaglia back to life.
We continue to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Stereo Productions with the release of some of the most iconic tracks in their history. 

Now, it's the turn of the one and only Danny Tenaglia and his tribute to the white island with 'Dibiza'. The New York born and bred Italian-American artist is considered one of the most influential DJs in the world. 

Dibiza' returns to life in the form of 5 new remixes by 5 well-known international artists such as Catz 'N Dogz, Harry Romero, Hector (VL), Ki Creighton and Oscar L. 

Catz 'N Dogz, insatiable creators of hits, move comfortably between the underground and the most pyrotechnic sounds. Their peculiar remix is based on a complete section of live percussion and stands out for the total absence of "kick". A perfect "DJ Tool" that will delight many DJs as an ideal prelude to a huge "drop" or as an intro to their DJ set. 

The remix pack continues with Harry Romero, the renowned American DJ and producer with Latin roots and creator of some of the most indispensable classics in the history of House, takes "Dibiza" to those hypnotic and intense atmospheric beats and driving beats.  One could say that it is the most mental revision of the whole.

Hector, the Mexican hero and leader of Vatos Locos, gives his most minimalist vision to "Dibiza". An eclectic revision that maintains a good dose of groove and metallic percussions but from a much more raw point of view.

Ki Creighton, head of the Under No Illusion label and the best in the UK, drags the track into more Tech House terrain and in doing so manages to update the sound of "Dibiza" for trackbreakers. Creighton maintains the elegant nature of the original while adding more groove and effects.

And last but not least, Oscar L, a Techno magician from Madrid who is at an incredible point in his career, takes the track to the next level. His remix brings forcefulness and strength to the pack without losing an ounce of class and quality. A remix that is a time bomb for festivals and techno lovers.


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