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Danny Tenaglia - Dibiza Remixed

01. Catz 'N Dogz Remix
02. Oscar L Remix
03. Ki Creighton Remix
04. Harry Romero Remix
05. Hector Remix

Danny Tenaglia is considered one of the most influential DJs in the world, recognized and respected by every single person in the electronic music industry. Stereo Productions’ 20th anniversary is the right time to pay tribute to this gem.


A return to life that comes in the form of 5 new remixes by 5 well-known producers: Oscar L, Catz `N Dogz, Ki Creighton, Harry Romero, and Héctor from Vatos Locos. Oscar L, DJ, and producer from Madrid who is living a sweet moment in his career take the track to the next level, into the Techno grounds, which is the genre where Oscar is better known. His version brings forcefulness to the track, without losing a shred of class and quality. An Epic breakdown with an unexpected synth build-up turns up this track on a monster.


Insatiable hitmakers, Catz ’N Dogz move comfortably between underground and dance floor sounds. Their peculiar remix is ​​based on live percussion and stands out due to the total absence of the Kickdrum. A perfect ‘DJ Tool’ that will delight many DJs as the ideal prelude to a huge ‘drop’. Ki Creighton, Under No Illusion record label’s owner, drags the track towards Tech House waters and therefore manages to update the sound of ‘Dibiza’. The producer maintains the elegant nature of the original while adding more dance floor groove to it.


Harry Romero, the renowned North American producer with Latino roots and creator of some of the most indispensable classics in the history of house music, who takes ‘Dibiza’ into those hypnotic and intense atmospheres, which he is a true master of. Arguably the most mind-focused remix of them all.


Finally, the Mexican Hector, head honcho of Vatos Locos, gives his most minimalist vision to DT’s track. A remix that maintains a proper dose of groove but from a much more raw point of view. Thanks to these 5 great remixes, ‘Dibiza’ is back to life in the news and reinvents itself again as the classic that it is, but exported to the present!

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