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On July 16th Destino Pacha Resort opens its doors to a new season

With all the safety and hygiene measures, the hotel complex of Pacha Group opens to offer visitors the taste of the authentic Mediterranean spirit.


The arrival of the good weather after so many winter months made us dream of the crystalline waters of the Mediterranean, the walks on the sand and the eternal sunsets by the sea.


During these months, nature has been the master of the island and now, when we travel, we will return to an Ibiza that breathes more tranquility, relaxation and disconnection than ever. It is time to discover the best of the small luxuries of the Mediterranean and to connect with the other wonderful face of the white island. You don't have to travel to the other side of the planet to find a place to get lost when less than 2 hours away there is one of the most desired paradises in the world.


Destino Pacha Resort welcomes, next July 16th, a new season that promises to celebrate summer again, reconnect with our people and enjoy unique experiences in a responsible way and enjoy life

Details that make you fall in love

Destino Pacha Resort is, in itself, a dichotomous luxury resort in essence. Sophisticated and natural, its unmistakably Mediterranean design, relaxed yet elegant, breathes the authentic energy of the white island. The white colors and the palette of earth tones predominate over the 168 rooms and common areas, perfectly integrated among the quiet and silent nature of the surroundings, becoming, in the blink of an eye, a wild natural oasis.

DESTINO 10.jpg

In addition, there are villas with capacity for 8 people, a perfect combination between the pleasure of intimacy and the comfort of the resort.
It also has 24 luxury suites and 142 superior and standard rooms, with a total capacity of 344 people.


 Pleasures overlooking the Mediterranean

With Talamanca Bay as a backdrop and your eyes lost in the Mediterranean, taking a dip in the majestic pool shaped like the iconic cherries of Pacha Group, enjoying a freshly made cocktail in the sun or relaxing in the Jacuzzi during the last rays of the sun are some of the pleasures that both residents of the island and visitors can enjoy during the season.


Since its opening in 2013, Destino has become a reference point for the Mediterranean lifestyle, in which gastronomy has taken on special importance. Just a few steps away from the pool area, you can find the open-air restaurant.


The open air restaurant offers a menu inspired by traditional Mediterranean cuisine with which to return to the origins and enjoy the authentic and local products, but with surprising contemporary flavours from other continents such as Asia or America that will take us on a journey through gastronomy

Japanese Robata Bar at Destino Pacha Ibiza Resort. An open kitchen where guests can dine at the chef’s table while watching the team at work. An astonishing, memorable meal; it’s more an experience than a dinner.


Safety is our priority

Destino Pacha Resort is committed to offer its guests the maximum security and guarantee the exceptional quality of all its services, taking the necessary cleaning and control measures in order that all visitors can feel at home. With this premise, it has created a Protocol of Prevention against COVID19.

Under this Protocol, prevention, safety and hygiene measures will be very strict and controlled to ensure and guarantee the safety, comfort and enjoyment of guests. These measures include:

- The staff has received, and will continue to receive, training from qualified health personnel in order to be fully aware of all the protocols regarding the prevention of Covid-19

- Hand disinfection stations have been installed throughout the hotel's common areas

- All personnel shall be equipped with personal protective equipment (PPE)

- All guests may choose to receive PPE upon arrival to ensure their safety

- The spaces have been reconfigured to maintain the safety distance

- Non-essential objects are removed from the tables, including the physical menu that has been replaced by a digital one

- Elimination of the breakfast buffet.

- Limited capacity of the swimming pool and common areas.

- At the same time, the hygiene and cleaning protocols in the whole complex will be established in a rigorous and daily way.

- Increase the frequency of cleaning in common areas

- Sheets, towels, crockery and household items disinfected at +60

- Disinfection of spaces with ozone machines

 During this season, the Destino´s parties will be cancelled in order to guarantee the safety of the guests. With all the necessary measures, Destino opens its doors, one more summer, to continue offering unique experiences .


- All guests can choose to receive at their arrival EPP. 

Destino opens its doors, one more summer, to continue offering unique experiences that involve the 5 senses and enjoy the magic of Ibiza.


About Pacha Group

The Pacha Group is an international holding company of family origin that operates in the music, leisure, entertainment, hospitality, fragrance and fashion sectors, among others, with a strong international presence through its brands: Pacha Ibiza (Night Club), Lío, Destino Pacha Resort, El Hotel Pacha and Casa Formentera.

A business group that is characterized by exporting the Ibiza lifestyle to the whole world, a relaxed, fun, sophisticated and committed to the environment and the people of the island.

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