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Double Touche - Storm EP




Today, Sydney and Los Angeles based duo Double Touch return to Lee Burridge’s All Day I Dream label to release their four track EP, Storm. The duo is joined by Reigan, who contributes vocals for two tracks on the EP.


Double Touch is composed of Van-Anh Nguyen, a classically trained pianist and composer, and Mark Olsen, who has a background producing, DJing, and drumming. In 2015, the duo crossed paths during a studio session in Sydney, and bonded over their shared musical taste - they both loved classical and electronic genres. This dawned Double Touch, a collaborative project where their backgrounds come together, fusing acoustic and electronic sounds to create dreamy house tracks.


The EP kicks off with its title track, which features vocals from Reigan about power, control, and the bliss of surrender. Reigan and Double Touch are frequent collaborators; Reigan has contributed vocals for past Double Touch EPs released on All Day I Dream, TRYBESOF, and Magician on Duty.


Complex layers of percussion commence the record. Over the course of the introduction, melodic elements are slowly incorporated, crescendoing as Reigan begins to sing the first verse. The track breaks down around the midway point - as the percussion fades away, Reigan’s voice is highlighted, and tension builds. After the next chorus, the drums are reincorporated, as latent energy is released.


Regarding her lyrics, Reigan said: “The feeling of surrender comes during the melodic change in the chorus. I say “take hold of me” twice and then when I say “and you take all of me” the lift in the note feels euphoric. This is the surrender to power. ‘Storm’ is a dance of power and passion, pleasure and control. It’s leaning into the bliss of surrender while exploring the indirect holders of power in doing so.”


After spending the last six months living in Los Angeles and touring the Northern Hemisphere, Double Touch are back to being based in Sydney. They are touring Australia, New Zealand, and Asia in the coming months, before returning to the US for the All Day I Dream Festival in May of 2023.

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