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Eelke Kleijn - Oscillations Album 

After the album singles The Magician, The Hierophant, Woodstock and Taking Flight it is now time to send you the following 3 records of Eelke Kleijn's upcoming fourth studio album 'Oscillations'.

Another masterclass in melancholy and the spaces between the dancefloor and the home stereo, ‘Oscillations’ is a stunning listen that features a handful of carefully-picked vocalists. Young Dutch talent Josha Daniel sets the tone on the haunting title track, where sorrowful string swells gently support his achingly delicate vocal. He returns for the soaring, club-ready euphoria of ‘Distance’.
Ambient passage ‘M87’ lay on endlessly unfolding synth sequence, acting as palette cleansers of sorts.

Not everyone has been lucky enough to benefit from the last couple of months, but Eelke Kleijn has been able to use his time very well indeed, incubating another masterful project.

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