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At last the most awaited news of the season


The Consell de Govern has requested authorisation from the TSJB to request the COVID certificate to enter discotheques from 8 October. The maximum capacity will be 75% at a table and with a mask, and drinking will not be allowed on the dance floor. As for the bars, they may only be used to pick up drinks. In addition, the closing time will be set at 5:00.

The big ones of the nightlife in the island like Amnesia are already preparing for the so awaited occasion.


In the event that the courts do not approve the opening of the discotheques under these conditions, the parties involved will meet again to decide how they can be opened.

Regarding the rest of the nightlife venues, those that are already open at present, dancing will not be allowed and the opening hours, which are currently until 2:00 am, will be extended to 4:00 am.

With regard to restaurants, the capacity of indoor venues will be increased from 50% to 75% and the limitations per table will be eliminated. The spokesman of the Govern, Iago Negueruela, has urged town councils to continue to allow terraces to occupy more space on the public highway to compensate for the fact that the inside of restaurants is not yet 100% open.


In social gatherings as well as on beaches, all restrictions are removed. In gyms, restrictions are also removed, but not the restriction on the use of face masks, which will remain compulsory.

The measures that do not require authorisation from the TSJB will come into force this coming Tuesday 28th September, following their publication in the BOIB (Official Gazette of the Balearic Islands).


The return to normality


"The Balearic Islands is practically back to normal, with a very significant relaxation of measures, but the distance between people and the use of masks, as well as ventilation, will be maintained". This was announced by the spokesman for the regional government. Previously, the Social Dialogue Bureau had met, chaired by the President of the Government, Francina Armengol. She had previously done the same with the presidents of the councils, the president of the FELIB and the mayor of Palma to address the current situation of the pandemic.

Reactions to this new situation have not been long in coming. Thus, UGT has pointed out that the relaxation is reasonable; CCOO has valued it very positively and has concluded the de-escalation; PIMEM Baleares has celebrated it because the restrictions have been reduced significantly and CAEB has called on people who are not vaccinated to do so.

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