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Just one in the cast of crucial producers who made Strictly Rhythm the premiere American house label during the early '90s, Roger Sanchez grew into a prolific remixer, world-class mainstream DJ, and top global-house name by the end of the decade. Though he concentrated more on mix albums than proper studio productions under his own name, Sanchez gained much respect with club kids as well as the dancefloor intelligentsia.

Born in New York to parents of Dominican heritage, Sanchez attended Manhattan's School of Art & Design with several future hip-hop legends including Kurtis Mantronik. He was well into the graffiti and break-dancing scene during the early '80s and began DJing by the age of 13. After mixing for several years at New York hot spots like the Tunnel -- even while he was studying architecture at the Pratt Institute -- Sanchezfinally left college in 1987 to give music a full-time shot. His club Ego Trip was soon booming (with Sanchez mixtapes selling briskly on Broadway) and he never looked back. By 1989, Gladys Pizarro from Strictly Rhythm Records had touched base to see if Sanchez was interested in production; one year later, he had recorded his first single, "Luv Dancin," as Underground Solution.


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