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V.A. - Family Affair 10

The series you've been waiting for is finally here with a brand new album. The 10th edition of “Family Affair” features 8 mind-blowing remixes from Ethereal masters: Soul Button, Monarke, Nick Devon, Strinner, Modeplex, Clawz SG, Darko Milosevic and JOBE.

Starting off with “Deviation”, originally produced by Strinner, Soul Button adds his magical twist with a sensual and dynamic feel to calibrate your senses. Next up, Monarke's takeover on “Picture From The Past”, by Nick Devon & Darko Milosevic, brings out pulsating elements to the surface with a darker feel, making it a dance-floor masterpiece.


Nick Devon comes next with his reinterpretation of EarthLife's, “Endless Memory”; a spellbinding remix, darkness will knock at your door and take you on a galactic journey. Strinner comes next revealing your hidden emotions with his remix of “Jupiter” by Modeplex, adding layers of tuneful and melodic elements. Next, Modeplex shows off his colorful remix of, “The Brightest Star” by Darko Milosevic, breaking all boundaries delivering a dramatic remix. “Ardor” originally produced by Soul Button & Modeplex, comes in a new version, remixed by Clawz SG, adding his uplifting touch and delivering a more energetic take with captivating components.


Darko Milosevic's remix of “To You” by EarthLife featuring Eleonora, is a calming and transcendental version, delivering nothing but positive vibes. Closing off with JOBE's remix of “Dissension” by Soul Button, an experimental ride, adding layers of sound effects and melodies that connect with the mind.

Enjoy the ride with these impeccable Ethereal tunes!


01. Strinner - Deviation (Soul Button Remix)
02. Nick Devon & Darko Milosevic - Picture From The Past (Monarke Remix) 03. EarthLife - Endless Memory (Nick Devon Remix)
04. Modeplex - Jupiter (Strinner Remix)
05. Darko Milosevic - The Brightest Star (Modeplex Remix)
06. Soul Button & Modeplex - Ardor (Clawz SG Remix)
07. Earthlife feat Eleonora - To You (Darko Milosevic Remix)
08. Soul Button - Dissension (JOBE Remix)

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