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Hidden Empire - Odyssee

1. Odyssee
2. Palladion
3. Vega
4. Renaissance

The year is 2091 and mankind has been taken over by laser-eyed robots: this is the soundtrack. Techy, glitchy, futuristic: take a deep breath as 'Odyssee' takes you on a voyage of high-tech sonic wizardry. 

Make sure you’re wearing sensible shoes for this futuristic dancefloor classic. 'Palladion' tips its hat and looks over its sunglasses, wooing you with eerie vocals as it launches you on a trance-filled trip through the cosmos. 

The machines are having a good time in this neo-trance charger. What we have here is a little bit of slapping you round the chops like a psychedelic wet fish. Thanks, 'Vega', don’t mind if we do. 

This neo-classic track lends from classic elements of techno with a nod to the future: 'Renaissance' bridges the gap between the middle ages and modernity. If you haven’t heard this track before, where have you been raving?

Back to back, front to front and side to side: Hidden Empire’s epic ‘Odyssee’ EP is music the gods might have raved to. Keep this one up your sleeve for those nights which turn into mornings.

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