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The last  3 days of Fitur 2024

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After three days dedicated to tourism industry professionals, FITUR opened its doors to the public after three days of trade fairs aimed at the professional sector.


Throughout the weekend, travel and hospitality enthusiasts learned about the latest trends in the tourism sector thanks to the powerful offer of 152 countries from around the world and 96 official participations distributed in the 9 pavilions of the Fair.

In addition, fun was guaranteed through the varied agenda of recreational activities that were prepared by the exhibitors, as well as the different sections of FITUR.


Ibiza BPM Radio, as always at the foot of the barrel, had the pleasure of interviewing Jesús García, Editor and CEO of #cruceroadictos, who shared with us details of what Fitur Cruiser has been and will be.


They will be in charge again next year of all the organisation of activities, awards, presentations, news and services at FITUR Cruiser 2025, He told us exclusively who the winning ports were, always from the point of view of cruise users who value the facilities, good access, attention on board, food of each company, journey and destination...


Barcelona was the winner ,  as the port with the best accessibility, Malta was also awarded, and above all, they are very aware of the care of our seas, of our drinking water, of the conscious use of food, of the care and comfort , as well as of leisure and wellness activities.

FT24 - Feria - 068.jpg

After a stroll through the stands in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the public we met Binter (Airline of Gran Canaria), who through their Flight Manager Patricia, informed us of some news, such as their new routes Madrid / Las Palmas as well as benefits for customers.


If you buy a ticket to the Canary Islands and the customer needs transport between islands, the latter will be free of charge.

Free food on board, longer distance between seats.

All this accompanied by the Canarian friendliness, good wine and good food.


Incredible experience!


The last two days, which were opened to the public as well as to professionals of the sector, Paul Ross has retransmitted through the waves of Ibiza BPM Radio on the set of Fitur TV and Radio all the energy and magic of a fair full of emotions, expectations, desires and projects of Tourism companies.


We interviewed the Vice Mayor of the West region of Portugal Alenquer,  Tiago Pedro,  who told us about the region, its wines, its gastronomy, agriculture and history.


We went through some regions of Portugal, Douro, Algarve, etc. tasting their wonderful wines and culture and we ended our journey sharing moments, experiences, with a dedicated and eager audience who were eager to share some words, some photos, some smiles and some dances with us and our radio station.


We cannot say goodbye without mentioning the magnificent support of Julián Garcia , attentive at all times, attentive to every need, the hostesses who showered us with attention, Pilar Serrano who kept us informed at all times and the entire Fitur  team who made our work so much easier.


Thanks to our listeners, to our readers, to our supporters, to Ifema , to the Community of Madrid and to all the foreign and national collaborators and PRs who have worked with us side by side to make this 44th edition one of the most successful in history.


See you next year!

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