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Lio announces its opening on July 10th - 11th with a more sensual show reinforcing the security and protection measures.

After a difficult winter for all and with a lot of desire to recover the normality, we have in front of us several emblematic faces, and well known in the Island and in the world by their talent and professional baggage, that receive us with an enormous drawn smile, to tell us the so waited news for this summer of 2020 in Lio, imperdible and captivating place of the Ibiza nights where always you will find exclusivity, glamour and excellent service.

Francisco Ferrer 2.jpg

The first to welcome is the heart and soul of  Pacha Groupe, Francisco Ferrer, an essential icon of Ibiza, a figure we cannot omit when naming the success story of Grupo Pacha, just as, it is impossible to say that you have been to Ibiza without having shared a photo, a greeting, a smile from him, He, as always, embraces us metaphorically with his smile and his personal charm

IBR : What novelties does Lio propose  for this unusual summer of 2020?

Francisco Ferrer : As you said, an atypical summer, because of everything we have been through and the transformations that this situation of the Covid 19 has brought us all. We have worked hard and we continue doing so in order to bring back a smile to all our clients, to the old ones and of course to the new ones, respecting the regulations and the safety standards that the law sets for us.

IBR : Opening and closing dates for the season ?

Francisco Ferrer : The Grand Opening will be the next 10th and 11th of July, this season we have divided it into two days in order to respect the new regulations and protect our customers and employees. The closing date will be in October, on Halloween.

IBR : What will you miss this season in relation to the previous ones?

Francisco Ferrer  : Well,  I think what I will really miss the beautiful interaction that Lio always had had with the public, the audience,our dearest customers.

IBR : What services will the clients enjoy when they come to Lio?

Francisco Ferrer : The opening will be at 8pm, always with a previous reservation, the client will be able to enjoy the show while having dinner or a drink and as I mentioned before, always maintaining the recommended and required security norms.

IBR : If you had to create a slogan for this season to attract and call the attention of the public, what would it be?

Francisco Ferrer : Coincidentally this year we have created a slogan: ¨ Simply the best ¨  simple but very intense. Imagine reaching the unimaginable in a space with artists of all categories, involving your with their magic and letting yourself be carried away by their stimulating spirit.

IBR :You're fireproof, What do you do to be always so perfect.?

Without erasing the smile from his face he says:

Francisco Ferrer : The joy and happiness of doing something that I love, that makes me feel good and above all , what I like most is to make others smile and be happy.

We cannot, however, talk about Lio without talking about his  incredible show


We have the presence of Joan Grácia, Artistic Director and responsible for it, well known for being a multifaceted artist, actor, comedian, scriptwriter, director and producer.


IBR : What new features will we find in this season's show?

Joan Gràcia : This year's show will have a more sensual connotation, we will recall the best numbers in the history of Lío Ibiza , through a journey in time, in which those milestones in our history, interspersed with new and current ones, will once again take to the stage. Starting in a quiet way and evolving, ¨ in crescendo¨ as the night goes by.


Last year we performed the Lio show in London, with great success everything has to be said, and the characteristics of the space were very similar to those we have in Lio, so the show and the numbers

will be respecting that same dynamic

LIO 12.jpg

IBR : How have you directed this year's show with the difficulties that come with physical distance?

Joan Gràcia : As we say in our jargon, "The show never stops". ¨It is always very committed to offering quality shows and to committing to our audience, as Francisco commented earlier, the important thing is to bring a smile to our clients' faces and to make them happy after these difficult global times that we have had to live through.

IBR : What differences will the show have in relation to previous years?

Joan Gràcia : The only difference with respect to previous years will be the interaction with the audience, which is what characterises us as one of the most special and different places in the world, where the audience experiences unique sensations, and the artist-client dialogue is unique.


Finally, we have the presence of Pau Barba, corporative chef of Pacha Group, representative of haute cuisine , respected and humble chef wherever he may be, nominated for the National Gastronomy Awards, expert in the flavors of the island and the world and with great experience behind him who informs us with a shy smile, of the news of the season.


Pau Barba : This summer of 2020, we make a lot of emphasis on consolidating the Mediterranean cuisine, with fish from the island and we also have a great novelty, a giant grill for meat and fish, without forgetting the excellence in taste.


So, after introducing us to this wonderful journey of multiple sensations and fullness of senses, we just have to experience and enjoy it in first person.

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