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Love Connection D'Ibiza returns to Brazil after three consecutive years of success.


Love Connection D'Ibiza, the Ibizan party par excellence created in 2000 by Paul Ross, an art lover in all its aspects, which fuses four elements: Fashion, Music, Art and Gastronomy, opens a new chapter.

Love Connection D'Ibiza, leaves the magical island, to land in Brazil.

On February 13th, 2024  the float  Love Connection D'Ibiza Parade will be presented in one of the most important and noble avenues of the city of Sao Paulo, where Fashion, Music, Art and Gastronomy will be merged.

Sao Paulo - Faria Lima .jpg

Sao Paulo, considered the financial and gastronomic capital par excellence of the South American giant, has hosted in previous editions this massive event and this year is presented with a more innovative proposal than ever.


An essential meeting between people, uniting for peace, love and harmony among their nations and citizens.


National and international artists of the electronic music scene will show their talent in a route of the city, carefully designed by the City Council and its institutions, to safeguard the safety

and ensure the entertainment of the attendees, making the event a unique and unforgettable moment.


It will have the special participation and support of Ibiza Bpm Radio, Spanish radio station, which through its airwaves will be broadcasting live the event in its entirety for more than 140 countries and on DAB + in Ibiza, Formentera and Madrid.


After being presented in emblematic places on the island of Ibiza such as El Hotel Pacha, Km5, Aura, Ocean Beach, Heaven , El Ayoun, including fashion designers like Eva Cardona , Beatriz San Francisco, EGBAmelia Botero  in locations in Madrid such as Pacha , Hotel Gran Colón,  Ramsés , Moma56 , Bisu ,  Laydown, Penelope, Shoko,  they decided to cross the Atlantic Ocean and land in Brazil.



In Rio de Janeiro, was presented at the Insólito Hotel in Búzios , including  Plastic Artists like Flory Menezes, Alfredo Rainho, Celina Lisboa and editions in Sao Paulo at The Terraza Rooftop , Provocateur  , Pan -Am , Panorama, Yabany, BC Club, Highline, Porto Luna , The Year,   with artists of the highest level ( Eliana Santos , Zilando Freitas ,  Rafael Milfano, Elisa Mondé,  Edison Verti, Satu Rodrigues, Ana Guerra, Kika Goldstein, Hermes Santos, Luciano Oliveira and haute couture fashion designers ( Casa de Criadores, Penelope Bikinis )

Artists who have performed along its editions : Paul Ross, Tuccillo, Jp Candela, Silicon Soul, Copyright, Dj Delicious, 16 Bit Lolitas, Dirty South, Damian Wilson, Pete Heller, Full Intention, Miguel Garji, David Herrero ,Tim Baker, Cristian Varela , Collin Peters, Angel Linde, Jean Cedric, Oscar Colorado, Esther Bauman, Pablo Guadalupe, Konstantin ,Teclas , and guest mixes by Themba, Natalia Paris, Alaia & Galo , Brian Cid , Dre Gazzelli , The CubeGuys,  Leena Punks , Joe Vanditti ,Stelios Vassiloudis, YouANDme,  Mazayr,  E&G , Cowlin, Johnny Tirka & Fab Galaxy , Ahlice ,  to name some.

In 2022, when it was decided to give a twist and add a new aspect to its history: Love Connection D'Ibiza Radio Show, in audio format, which  included big names in the electronic music as  a guests and it was broadcasted live to over 120 countries airing every Friday at 22.00 H..


It is in 2017 when invited by the Mayor of the city they transform the same concept into a new format Love Connection D'Ibiza Parade. It becomes a project that was not without challenges and difficulties due to its large scale. How to fit its 4 elements on a float with thousands of people dancing in the street next to a moving truck?.

There were several challenges to overcome, among them, how to fit Fashion, Music, Art and Gastronomy on a moving truck in the biggest open air event in the world, which is the Carnival of Brazil and in the biggest city of the country ?.a

More than 35,000 people gathered in each of its three editions until the arrival of the pandemic, where it had to stop.
We hope you love it!

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