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 Love Connection D ibiza party lands in Brazil, starting its tour in Latin America!


The innovative event par excellence, begins its tour in Brazil giving the starting signal next December 6 from 20.00 hours in the capital of the South American giant , continuing through the Americas,  where it will arrive in Mexico in early 2020. 


Love Connection D'ibiza was born as an alternative to conventional electronic music events.


Focused on the dissemination of art in its broad sense of the word, merges with great mastery four elements:


Fashion, Music, Art and Gastronomy.


Love Connection Dibiza was born in the white island in the year 2000 by DJ and producer Paul Ross. Concentrated on the dissemination of art itself, creates this event where any concept and version of art has a place.


Having been presented with success, in emblematic places like Pacha, the Pacha Hotel of Ibiza, Km 5, Ocean Beach Club, Aura, to mention some , and with fashion shows by the hand of International designers like the German Beatriz San Francisco, the native of Formentera Eva Cardona, of Colombian artists such as Maria Botero and the recognition of the media and the public, moves to South America, to be presented in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, where he is received with great affection by the Casa de Creadores de Sao Paulo, who collaborate with several local avant-garde and alternative designers .


The format is so well accepted that the Mayor's Office proposes to make it in Electric Trio format for the largest outdoor event in the world, the Sao Paulo Carnival. 

It is presented for the first time in this format in 2017 for more than 35,000 people, followed up in 2018 and 2019.


Artists like Cristian Varela , Bodyrox , Martin Eyerer, Paul Ross , J P. Candela, Full Intention, Tuccillo, Copyright, Dj Delicious , Damien Wilson , Angel Linde , Full Intention , Pete Heller , Collin Peters , Jean Cedric, Oscar Colorado , Pablo Guadalupe , Konstantin, Sylicon Soul , Pete Heller , Esther Bauman ( Live ), Tim Baker ....are some of those who have made part of the editions in Ibiza , Madrid and Sao Paulo.


An event not to be missed by lovers of good taste, avant-garde, exclusivity and excellent music.

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