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We are really happy to have with us one of the most important global figures in house music. 

Producer, DJ, label owner, charismatic and funny English artist, of course you know who we are talking about… Low Steppa 

1.- IBR. When you started playing, what was the style that most attracted your attention and what style did you play?

Low Steppa. Well, rave and drum and bass was the first dance music I heard but I was around 14. I knew that I wanted to be a DJ already but it was a few years later when I was 18 that I went out and bought some Technics. By this point I was 18 and it was definitely house music that I was in love with.


2.- IBR.  From then until today, how has been your evolution ? Tell us what has been your motivation to become the artist you are today.

Low Steppa. I began DJing doing what I loved but I went off on a few tangents here and there and  in 2012 I realised I wasn't happy and its now come back full circle for me and I'm now following my passion again and playing the music that I love. After all these years I've learnt to be true to myself and not worry about the trends.


3.- IBR. At the time of producing you create some goals, ( a quantity of songs that you want to produce throughout the year, labels where you want the songs to be released)...

And tell the new producers /  new generations. What is the necessary process to launch new tracks and to have success like the one you have?

Low Steppa. I know in my head I want to release a track every month or every 6 weeks for instance but it has to be the right music and I have to be happy with it. I think the most important thing is to be consistent and keep releasing music.


4.- IBR. When you create a track, do you create it thinking about some record labels or do you start the track without knowing how it is going to end and once finished you visualize in which label it fits better. ?

Low Steppa. Yeah, I cant make music for a certain label, it doesn't work for me. I just make music and see where it goes and then we can decide what is best for the record!


5.- IBR. As we have already noticed, you work a lot in Defected events, not only in festivals but also in clubs in Ibiza, Croatia and London. Tell us if the crowd is very different from country to country, if you feel a different energy from country to country and if you have a following wherever you go.

Low Steppa. Every country is definitely different,  but its always hard to say exactly why. Lately I feel that I have a following everywhere I go and I think that’s down to releasing lots of music and putting out mixes. I meet lots of great people everywhere but that’s what music and house music is all about.


6.- IBR. In which countries or cities do you feel that house music has the strongest projection?

Low Steppa. I think it’s very strong here in England and also USA but I think there is a movement everywhere for sure. The Netherlands, Italy and Germany were a lot of fun recently, the force is strong!


7.- IBR. If you had to change your style of music when it comes to DJing, what other option would you choose?

Low Steppa. I do love liquid Drum and Bass so maybe I would try that but sometimes it’s nice to love a genre and not be a DJ within it. Maybe you can actually enjoy the music more because you aren't in it?


8.- IBR. When will we hear your new productions and what labels will they be released on? .

Low Steppa. I have a record coming on Toolroom in March, then Armada in April and I just released my new track The Feeling on my own label Simma Black last week!


9.- IBR. In which cities in Spain you haven't been playing yet and you would like to do it?


Low Steppa. I would love to play in Madrid!!!


10.- IBR. Do you prefer a Club or a Festival, Day or Night, Why ?

Low Steppa. I cant answer this haha, I just love to play and they are so different for so many different reasons!


11.- IBR. Why, House music ?

Low Steppa. Real house music is about the groove and that is why. The fans, the excitement, the community is everything I love about house music.


12.- IBR. You start a new tour, tell us a little bit, where will you be? So that the people can enjoy with you and come to see you.

Low Steppa. Yes,  next I am in London, Estonia, Miami, New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, Montreal and Toronto with multiples dates throughout the summer in Ibiza and festivals globally.


13.- IBR.  At what point in your career do you think it has been the most difficult to continue working with music and not give up?

Low Steppa. Throughout Covid and not being able to play live was pretty tough and having to play in my living room ha. But the fans that streamed live really motivated me and made me not want to give up, and to keep going and put out music.


14.- IBR. Apart from working with music, do you do any other activity that you love but that has nothing to do with music?

Low Steppa. I am a dad to my daughter when I'm not Low Steppa, this is my favourite activity! Maybe one day she will be a DJ too so then it will all be music!

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Thanks for sharing this special moment with us .

The truth is that it would be fantastic to see you in Madrid and enjoy your performance . 

As the slogan of the city says ¨From Madrid to Heaven¨, a city that you will surely conquer.

Interviewed by Paul Ross
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