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Today is a very special day for us as we are going to spend a few minutes with a great emerging artist of the music scene.

We are talking about Ukrainian born DJ and producer Kate Zubok

IBR. 1.- Tell us when did you decide to dedicate yourself to music and how did you start?

When I was around 7 years old I was already playing the role of a DJ. 

My parents were always listening to music at home. One day,  they got me a microphone and I was recording a kind of DJ show, pulling out some tracks from the CDs, and recording them on cassettes, which we were sharing between each other with girlfriends. 

My first electronic concert that I attended to was in Kyiv with my uncle at 14 years old - It was  Carl Cox’s performance. 

After that I felt in love with techno and trance music. 

In 2013, I went to my first music festival - “Kazantip” in Crimea, Ukraine. By that time, I knew almost all the tracks and all the great DJs, and because of that my friends were calling me “Katya Shazam”:) 

I remember that special moment when I was behind the decks during Maceo Plex and the Martinez Brothers were performing and I realized that it’s the place I belong to, where I could see the public and the public could see me, where I felt that incredible exchange of an energy, which I got obsessed with. 


And some friends suggested me to try to play, so I said “why not?”:)

Straight after, when I went to Los Angeles for modeling, I got an all-in-one Pioneer mixer and started practicing at home, then at friends’ home parties, later I started loving it so much that it become my main job and purpose in life.

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IBR. 2.- How is your day to day production?

Kate Zubok : I feel very inspired when I travel, seeing new places and meeting new people, hearing new sounds. 


I usually record first on my phone, then I work on those ideas on planes or trains. I also really love making music in collaboration with talented artists and musicians. I feel like we are expending and opening up our creativity and souls by working together. 

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IBR.3.- How do you manage to combine the studio, the gigs, the family and your life as a model ?

Kate Zubok 
: It’s not easy, but I have learned how to balance it. I need to be quite organized and to have a discipline.


Taking naps whenever I can, not drinking alcohol, not taking drugs. But doing yoga, meditation, sauna, and having massage.


It’s very essential to take a good care of health and overall wellbeing. As In order to give the best energy to others, we gotta be full of it ourselves. 

So,  having a balanced diet, peaceful mindset and fit body - makes the whole difference.

In terms of time organization, when my daughter is at school i make music at studio. While I’m touring on weekends, my husband or nanny is taking tare of her. 

And when i’m back home I try to spend the most of time with my family and organize some day-time gatherings with friends, because at night i need my beauty sleep:)

IBR.4.- What artists have been part of your base and inspiration when it comes to DJing and also creating your productions?

Kate Zubok 
: My biggest inspiration was and still is Keinemusik. The quality of their production  is insanely good.


Also the energy they transmit to people is what I believe music should be like - happy, uplifting and full of love.


IBR.5.- The fact of being a woman has helped or hindered your recognition in a predominantly male field.

Kate Zubok 
: I always felt that female energy is great to be combined with masculine, like yin and yang. 

But maybe because men are more resistant and this job is physically demanding which mostly happens at night.

Why do you think so?

That’s why I wish , we could change our perception around partying/clubbing. Isn’t it’s better to dance and have fun during the day with a cup of coffee and rest at night?:)


IBR.6.- With what artist would you like to share the stage with that you haven't done it yet and

Kate Zubok 
With Dixon. I felt in love with his dj-skills back in 2013 in Kyiv, Ukraine. He is the one who makes me dance like crazy non-stop still now. 

With what producer would you like to work with?

Adriatique, Awaré and &Me.

IBR.7.- How do you define your style?

Kate Zubok 
Something between Afro and Melodic House/Techno.
Uplifting, energetic, positive, groovy and sexy. 


IBR.8.- What new projects are in sight?

Kate Zubok 
There are so many cool projects with amazing musicians on the way! I cannot wait to share!

IBR.9.- What styles of music do you like to listen to when you are

A) At home
B) Travelling
C) With friends
D) Partying

Every sound has its own mission. Depending on the mood I am in, or I want to settle in, I will choose music accordingly. 

Even I have created my own playlists for almost any occasion and mood.

A) if im cooking a breakfast, or doing yoga/meditation i would listen to my “ Spiritual Awakening ” playlist, the music that sets me in a perfect peaceful state for the whole day. 

B) If i’m on a train or plane, starring at clouds or watching a sunset, i would listen to my “Cinematic Moments” or “Softness”playlists to feel and appreciate more the beauty around me. 

C) When i’m with friends i listen to “Deep Chill” or “ Home Party ” playlists, which creates relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere.

D) And when i’m in dancing mood, I would listen to “ KATE ZUBOK track Id’s ” playlist:)
All playlists available on Spotify.

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Thanks for sharing this special moment with us .

The truth is that it would be fantastic to see you in Madrid and enjoy your performance . 

As the slogan of the city says ¨From Madrid to Heaven¨, a city that you will surely conquer.

Interviewed by Paul Ross
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