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Madrid Fusión 2023


Gastronomy 'without limits' at the 21st edition of Madrid Fusión Food from Spain


The most influential congress returns from 23 to 25 January at Ifema .

To continue detecting collective trends for yet another year and to give a voice and a stage to the most outstanding individuals on the global gastronomic scene so that they can share their knowledge.


This continues to be the main objective of the world's most influential global gastronomy congress, which returns from 23 to 25 January at IFEMA and which this year will dive into the current situation, in which there is a real diversity of differentiated concepts that coexist at the same time in a kind of multicultural melting pot. 

The world's culinary universe is now a complex universe of unexpected sensations and flavours. The 21st edition of Madrid Fusion Food from Spain returns to January, its natural month and the one in which it will continue, to showcase the current and future trends and currents that will mark the future.


Emotion, risk, creativity, thought, passion, innovation, wisdom and madness. Knowledge as a creative tool. There are no frontiers for a world like haute cuisine, which is buzzing with professionals who play with new rules, those of freedom, technique and respect for artisan pantries, the hidden treasures of today's kitchens. That is the feeling of the slogan 'Sin Límites-No Limits' in the Madrid Fusión 2023 that is coming up. 


No Limits


Never before has contemporary cuisine manifested itself in so many different ways. There are no limits to imagination or to the application of new or familiar techniques. Creativity is expressed in the simplest and most complex aspects. Never before has haute cuisine had such important and varied resources at its disposal. 


Far from witnessing a time when most of the protagonists of the great kitchens work in the same key or trend, as happened in the times of Ferran Adrià or when the committed naturalism of the Nordic chefs became a mainstream trend, we live in a diverse and complex environment. Restaurants that base their strength on creativity and techniques are once again standing out, while others are also claiming different declinations of the concept of sustainability, live fire as fuel and cooking philosophy or the return of classic French cuisine prior to the 'nouvelle cuisine', with the recovery of almost abandoned dishes such as pâté en croute or hare a la Royal. 


Culinary knowledge


Culinary knowledge has been shared across the globe in the last two decades as never before. And Madrid Fusión has brought to light technological or techno-emotional cuisine, the different European and American fusions with techniques and cultures originating in Asia, as well as the beginning and development of Nordic cuisine and the subsequent revolution in pursuit of sustainability and the defence of the planet. 


This edition of 'No Limits' will bring to Madrid Fusión remote restaurants, located in unlikely places such as Poul Andrias Ziska (Koks**, Faroe Islands), and Virgilio Martínez, Pía León & Malena Martínez (Proyecto Mil, Peru), but also new urban kitchens such as that of James Knappett (Kitchen Table**, United Kingdom). And it will tackle fish cuisine from very different perspectives, giving a voice to chefs who seek the truth of their dishes in rivers and lakes, a forgotten larder, such as Rodrigo Castelo (Rest. Taberna Ó Balcão, Portugal) or Konstantin Filippou (Rest. Konstantin Filippou**, Austria). as Takayoshi Watanabe (Rest. Teru Sushi, Japan), ethnic cuisines Dieuveil Malonga (Rwanda) or scientific progress: knowledge, science and new techniques with chefs such as Oriol Castro, Eduard Xatruch & Mateu Casañas (Rest. Disfrutar** or David Chamorro (Food Idea Lab, Spain) & Luke Jang (Rest. Luke, Spain). 

The programme is completed with the presence of chefs who cook nature in extreme conditions such as Nicolai Tram (Knystaforsen**, Sweden) or others who work with popular cuisines as a source of renewed inspiration, such as Rafael Cagali (Da Terra**, United Kingdom). The main stage will also welcome for the first time one of the greats of Italian cuisine, Massimiliano Alajmo (Le Calandre***, Italy), who two decades later is still the youngest chef to achieve three Michelin stars, at the age of 28.


The broad representation of Spanish chefs is headed by Dabiz Muñoz, Joan, Josep and Jordi Roca; Quique Dacosta, Ángel León, Ricard Camarena, Andoni Aduriz, Oriol Castro, Eduard Xatruch & Mateu Casañas; Alberto Ferruz, Nandu Jubany, Aitor Arregi, Pedrito Sánchez and Álvaro Salazar & María Cano.


The essential, minimalist compositions versus the most sophisticated dishes. Ethnic, traditional, urban, rural and conceptual cuisines coexist in harmony with business models that are diversifying as never before in the hotel and catering industry. Everything is possible in order to achieve the best results, a balance between ingredients, techniques and seasonings. There are no barriers that limit haute cuisine. 

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