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Marc Romboy the master who merges classical and electronic music

1.- IBR.- Your passion for classical music is already well known, what is the turning point to merge both electronics and classical music?.


Marc Romboy .- I have recently come to the conclusion that classical music and electronica are not that far away from each other like one might think. When you look at the presets of digital synthesizers from the 80s you will realize that many sounds are named after instruments of an orchestra. So the programmers obviously tried to simulate these sounds. When I experimented with the mix of both worlds it was mind blowing to me because I learnt how amazingly well both genres fit together. Making electronic music without thinking like a conductor or concert master is not thinkable anymore.

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2.-IBR.- Do you think that due to the pandemic that has led us to moments of isolation and reflection, your music has been influenced in some way and how it has affected the electronic scene?


Marc Romboy .- I would say that it's still too early to come to a conclusion here. But when I talk to other artists who are lovers of electronic music I more and more learn that people love to hear electronic music which is more musical and maybe a little less danceable but for listening. My radio show „Music From Space“ is meant to serve exactly this kind of style. Music you can dance but also listen to, and this in order to close your eyes and travel to other spheres. Especially in these times where our paradigms are turned upside down I want to offer this option to escape from reality for a little while.


3.- IBR.- What are you working on at the moment and what will we be able to hear soon?.


Marc Romboy .- I´m currently busy with many different projects, the first time in my life that I´m not busy with only one but many miscellaneous. One project is with Oniris from Nice, a very spacy project and the other one is very ethno-orientated, with a singer called Marlene Schuen from South Tyrol and my Belgian friend Dimitri Andreas.

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4.- IBR.- In the last years we have seen an evolution in the techno scene, the melodic techno came up, what is your vision of this new aspect?


Marc Romboy .- I really appreciate this progression because I believe that the scene is now mature enough to create more sophisticated and musical compositions. Back in the days it was more about the sounds to me and it still is. But now I think great musical ideas can make a track more unique.

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5.- IBR.-Tell us some experience of your beginnings that was essential to choose your career as a dj and producer.


Marc Romboy.- I was a typical record collector and music fan. I loved to listen to the likes of Kraftwerk, Joy Division, The Smiths, Front 242 and Bauhaus and became more and more curious how the guys were able to create such amazing, alien sounding tunes. In 1990 I met Jürgen Driessen, who is still my friend and who recently helped me with setting up my brand new studio. Meeting him was a turning point in my life as he was the first person who showed me how to make electronic music with little equipment.


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6.- IBR.-Have you ever thought about leaving and devoting yourself to something else?


Marc Romboy.- No, never, honestly. Music and especially electronic music is my life. I´m very grateful for this because a numberless count of people have bought my records, visited my parties or streamed my music. I´m very happy about this and I realized during this year that you, my audience, make my dream still possible. Long story short: I can´t live without making and performing music, I was made for this.


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7.-IBR.- We know that there is a lot of intrusiveness in the world of electronics, models, Hollywood actors, children of .... who take advantage of their fame and their appearance in the media to be called Djs. What is your opinion about this?.


Marc Romboy .- When you ask this question I directly must think of the Avicii documentary on Netflix. It's very sad what happened to him but at the end of the day everybody is responsible for his own life and you have to know what you are dealing with.


Folks are sometimes reflecting something unreal into a famous star or DJ. And this is something we should realize, every star, independent from likes and clicks is a human being with fears, hopes, mistakes and problems. We should maybe take everything a bit more easy and try to create less hype, also when it comes to „the next big musical thing“..

8.- IBR.-Within the world of production it is known that there are artists who hire producers to make them tracks, what do you think about that?.


Marc Romboy.- Very very good question. Let me think for a minute. Well, I think that this is totally fine as long as the „produced“ artist is brave enough to communicate this to his fans. Even if someone is not able to produce music himself it's sometimes the idea or the musical intention which can lead to a great composition. Nevertheless I personally love to twiddle the knobs myself.

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9.- IBR.-It is already known that many professional Djs abuse the use of using sync in their performances, what do you think about this practice and tell us if you think clubs should encourage more artists to play with vinyl?.


Marc Romboy.- I personally don't use the sync button but don't see the point that someone must play vinyl. I just want to enjoy a good performance of the artist which is touching, independent from how the artist does this. I think that this discussion is useless and does´not lead to a point which is essential: A moving performance!.

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10.- IBR.-What advice would you give to the new generation, what they should always do and what they should never do?.


Marc Romboy.- The best way is to be yourself and not to try to copy someone. I said this already to many Masterclass participants around the world who wanted to sound like Stephan Bodzin for example: „There is already a Stephan Bodzin! Why try to be the second one?“ (laughs).

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So guys, follow the Marc Romboy´s advice : Be yourself !!!

Interviewed by Paul Ross

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