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M.E.M.O.  & Mønölitio - “Eternity”

M.E.M.O. back to the mobile camp with “Eternity EP”, this time joining forces with the unique ethereal live-electronic concept Mønölitio “part man, part synthesizer/guitar riff, part music making machine”. Multi-talented, multi-genre’d, Mønölitio moves to his own rhythm. It’s not their first foray together on mobilee, this EP follows up to “Another Night”. It’s M.E.M.O.’s 3rd EP on the label - all of them belonging to the top releases of each year.

The lead track “Eternity” combines earthy guitars with deep lyrical talents into an authentic meander along another avenue of M.E.M.O.’s wide ranging story.

Flipping to the B-side, “On My Way” takes us straight to the dreamlike early morning festival floor. The enchanting vocal takes us on a much needed otherworldly journey whilst the playful melody gets you moving to this composition laden with masterful groove in every layer.


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