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Miganova, producer of Go Deeva Records, A tribe Called Kotori, MoBlack...tells us a little bit about his upcoming work.

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He made part of the line up at Destino Pacha and Tox CLUB on the third anniversary of the radio station, He will spend a few minutes ,  telling us some of his secrets and novelties.

1. IBR .- We know that you are Italian, grew up in Barcelona and live in Tulum, which of the three cultures is the one that prevails when it comes to producing?


Miganova : I remember a lot the early 2000's in Italy when at 16 years old I started playing in clubs in Italy and producing.

I think I have the predominant influence from that time.


2. IBR.  Why Tulum?


Miganova : Because it's a very important meeting point for electronic music and artists and because living in the Caribbean is not bad at all.


3. IBR. At what point in your life did you start your career as a DJ and producer?


Miganova : When I was 16 years old I started to produce, but only 3 years ago I decided to release my tracks on other labels.

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4.- IBR. Funny anecdote of one of your gigs.


Miganova: One day in Bali during a gig I was asked if they could buy my USB with all my music for a price of 1000 USD.

In the end ,  at that moment I had a pen drive with my latest productions and I decided to give it away.


5.- IBR. What kind of audience is your music for?


Miganova : An audience that is willing to listen and that follows a melodic and surprising musical line where anything can happen.


6.- IBR. We know that you have a new album coming out at the end of this month. Tell us a bit about it.


Miganova - Exactly on the 25th of November my new single True story will be released on pre order.

It's a melodic progressive track, very dreamy, very deep. 


7. - IBR .tell us a bit about your productions on A Tribe called Kotori ,Go deeva Records, Moblack and some others? ?. Their differences, etc...


Miganova: I'm very proud to have been able to release my productions with these big labels.

The Coba EP released on Moblack has a more rhythmic and ethnic touch compared to the track "La vie" which was released on Oliver Koletzki's label Tribe called Kotori.

With Godeeva Records the sounds become more psychedelic and more Melodic techno.

PRESS SHOT Miganova & Vite 14.jpg

8 - IBR . I have listened to your new track True Story and it reminds me a lot of Afterlife, tell us how was the whole creation process from beginning to end.


Miganova : True story is the first track that expresses my musical shift towards a cleaner line of sounds.

The track is very emotional and deep, I have produced it in different months and places, I started it in Tulum perfecting it in Berlin to finish it in Dubai.

The track was a collaboration with Antonio Vite partner at SINNER Music.

PACK SHOT MIGANOVA & Vite - True Story - Sinner Music.jpg

9.-IBR . You are co-owner of the label Sinner and you do events as well, what is the proposal?


Miganova: Yes,  the Mexican DJ/producer Vite and I have the SINNER Music label party at the Vagalume club in Tulum every Tuesday.


The event is a show case of our future artists with a very defined musical and visual concept.

10.-IBR . I have noticed that from one year to now you have changed your style of production and DJing, from ethnic to melodic house, melodic techno, what is the reason for this change?


Miganova : Times change and so do our tastes and musical styles.

I think that in music, as in fashion, one has to adapt to change, but always maintaining one's own style.

11.- IBR. When it comes to DJing, do you prefer day or night and why?


Miganova : I prefer the day, the energy is different, much more energy.


12.- IBR. When you produce you prefer to use analogue or digital. Which one? Why?


Miganova : I produce both ways. The convenience of digital is that everything is at hand and I can produce calmly when I'm on the road.

With analogue I have to be in the studio.


On analogue I use the Moog Subsequent 37 and the Juno 60 and on digital I use a lot of Serum, Massive ...


We hope to see you soon in Ibiza or Tulum.

Thanks again for being with us last August 15th, at the station's anniversary.


Your set was amazing! The people vibrated!


 Success in your next projects.

Interviewed by Paul Ross
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