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Monarke - Milestone

Canadian artist, Monarke, joins Steyoyoke with a 6 track EP, “Milestone”. The EP consists of five original tracks and a dream edit of one of the tracks, delivering deep soundscapes with ethereal qualities.
Monarke opens with “Arcane” featuring Alya V, setting a mysterious atmosphere with soothing vocals propelling the listener upwards. Next is “Milestone”, a haunting and dramatic track with dark tunes which allows us to feel. “Odyssey” comes next with its blood-rushing and mystical sound that will stimulate your mind and soul. “Apache” is a hypnotizing and downbeat track, sending you towards an unexplored world. Next, the dream edit of “Arcane”, delivers an enigmatic mind-trip, taking you on an elevating yet melancholic journey. The final track, “Nuance”, begins with soft synths, setting the mood for a prolonged ethereal session.
Monarke showcased his style with energizing melodies and synths, giving the listener a transcendental ambiance. Feel it all and relive special moments with this sublime EP.

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