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A great pleasure to have with us today a young talent, a female representative of the electronic music scene, we are talking about Nadia Boulif.


Hello Nadia, thank you for being here with us today and tell us a little bit about yourself.

1.-IBR. Although you have always been in contact with music, as you studied several musical instruments in your childhood, you really decided to take the leap to electronic music in 2017. What was the trigger?


Nadia Boulif.- Actually, the leap was at the end of 2021. I've been working as a professional in the industry for a very short time, but it's true that I've had a passion and training for it for years. In 2017, I lived in India for a period of the year and there I had the pleasure of listening to and meeting great artists that I followed, to get to know electronic music live, and to feel that it was already one of my passions. 


2.- IBR. How do you combine your life as a model, actress and DJ? If you had to choose one of them to live, what would it be and why? 


Nadia Boulif.-  I have always liked to be versatile. A person who doesn't get bored and doesn't give up, and I achieve that thanks to my different facets. They all have a reason and a value in my life. I've been focused on music for a year now because it's what guides me, I left my job as a consultant, and I focused on art. Art has no limits and can be expressed in many ways. 


3.-IBR. In recent years we have seen that many models are dedicating themselves to the world of music, specifically as DJs, why do you think this is happening? 


Nadia Boulif .- Well, it's clear that there is a commercial factor that feeds and helps profiles like this. Regardless of whether they are models or not, the important thing is to be musicians, and to have notions. If the image goes along with it, then good for them! 


4.-IBR. You have a very strong ethnic influence, it's noticeable in your sessions. Tell us where does this interest come from? 


Nadia Boulif.- I come from a multicultural family.

From a Spanish mother and an Arab father, born in Andorra and travelling around the world since I was 17. I like the mix. 

I like the values that have been instilled in me about multiculturalism, its richness and beauty. 

Not belonging to any place and feeling that you belong to everyone. It's beautiful.


5.- IBR. What else struck you musically about India, where you lived for a while, so that its sound became part of your productions?


Nadia Boulif.- India has a rich and colourful folklore. Like all "oriental" music, there are thousands of extravagant sounds full of stories.

Experimentation and fusion of world sounds are my source of inspiration in production. 


6.- IBR. What are you working on, new projects?


Nadia Boulif.- As a producer, I have just finished my first EP, which will soon be released, accompanied by video clips, interviews, and with it all that is behind it, wonderful musicians who have accompanied me on this journey and have made my work possible. 


As a DJ, I am opening my horizons to other markets and I have international dates coming up. I'm really looking forward to 2023. It's going to be a busy year! 


7.-IBR. Do you prefer to work alone or with other artists? If you were to do a co-production, who would you like to do it with?


Nadia Boulif.- I really like to collaborate. Sharing is key in this industry. Now as a producer I'm in a moment where I'm starting to work with labels and remix other artists, I like to give my touch and merge knowledge (two heads will always think more than one). 


One of my dreams would be to do a track with FNX Omar, I love his music and his musical career.

5D5A0227 copia.jpg

8.- IBR. Have you encountered any difficulties or any kind of pre concept in the circuit, because of the fact of being a woman? 


Nadia Boulif.- Of course, there always are. Especially when you are emerging and nobody knows you musically. What comes first is the image and then the talent is valued.

Now I've learnt to handle it, as I said before, everything contributes, but the key is to be a musician.


9.- IBR. If it were up to you, what would you improve in the electronic music scene?

Nadia Boulif.- Communication between DJs and promoters, late set times, everything that goes with the night, etc. 


10.- IBR. Favourite club, festival or beach club where you have played and where you would like to play that you haven't played yet.



Nadia Boulif.- I loved playing with you at Destino Pacha. An emblematic club in Ibiza, surrounded by international artists. It was a very special and beautiful night.


11.- IBR. A dream come true ?


Nadia Boulif.- That my music makes as many people as possible dance and travel. That my music promotes culture and new social projects.


It was a great pleasure to have you at Destino Pacha on the third anniversary of the station.

I remember the audience with their arms up in the air, dancing like crazy.... It was magical!


And last but not least,

12.- IBR. What would you ask for 2023 ?


Nadia Boulif.- To continue with lots of creation, lots of love for what I do and the same as always, cheers! haha 

As jovial and fun as ever !!

we support you and wish you success in your new journey.


See you soon !!

Interviewed by Paul Ross
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