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Pre - Opening of The Project Rise Club on the 8th of October from 21.00 h and the Official Opening next 15th


The Pre-Opening party is scheduled for October 8th at Club Enigma, with the participation of artists such as Niels FeijenPaul Ross, Esther Bauman Vocal Live LYA, among others.

It will start at 21.00 in the club area, where you can enjoy an elegant and sophisticated environment, as well as a spectacular soundsystem.

The Project Rise Club, a private club, created in 2010 by Paul Ross, will re-open after several years of inactivity, offering exclusivity, privacy and above all excellent music.

The event will be held on Fridays, will have the support of Ibiza Bpm Radio station that is heard in more than 180 countries and will feature the participation of artists of the highest stature in the world electronic scene.


Club Enigma, a name very well thought out by the owners that refers to the enigma provoked when you set foot in such an unusual place.

It is a great mixture of sensations, where your senses are awakened by such an explosion of stimuli.

Incredible sunsets, already narrated in countless stories, that from the terrace, which serves as a viewpoint, stun us with such singular beauty. Brushstrokes of blue, purple, red, orange and yellow that take us back to unforgettable moments already lived.

We stroll our gaze stunned by so much beauty and we come across a beautiful swimming pool, evoking tropical landscapes.

Access to the Club allows us to enter a world of sophistication and elegance.

Jean Francoise, Director, manager and owner of Enigma, whose past is a guarantee that he is a skilled professional and lover of his work, always welcomes us with kindness and care, providing us with a warm and caring atmosphere to enjoy a unique evening.


NIELS FEIJEN  There are a lot of house parties in Belgium – and one name that seems to stick out more and more is Niels Feijen. Despite his relatively young age,  this enthusiastic Antwerp-based fellow can be considered a veteran in the scene.

Antwerp based DJ and producer Niels Feijen has performed at a range of local and international clubs and festivals, including Paradise, Tomorrowland, elrow, Extrema Outdoor and Cocoon, playing alongside artists such as Jamie Jones, Sven Väth, Joseph Capriati, Patrick Topping and Loco Dice, to name a few. His productions have been picked up by labels such as Moan, Rawthentic, Dark Side Of The Sun, Personality Disorder, Obvious Records, UNDR THE RADR, Brock Wild & Lost Records.

Niels Feijn.jpg

LYA is a belgium talented artist at the piano and as a Dj highly influenced by Hip-hop, minimal, and house music.

She describes her style as a cocktail of enchanting house, groovy disco beats, and hazy signature tunes with a directly recognizable flavour of  LYA sound.

LYA has been a resident of many clubs in the Belgian nightclub scene, like Café d’Anvers, Club Vaag, Zodiak Club. She’s been playing aat the well known  festivals in Belgium and abroad like Tomorrowland, Destino Beach Club ( Ibiza ) Quest, Moonfield Festival,  Suicide Club (NL), Zonnig Festival (NL), Labyrinth Open (Croatia), House of House, The Day Before Tomorrow, and many more.

A real crowd-pleaser due to her natural skills to curate the crowd. A perfect blend of good music & entertainment.


Esther Bauman Spanish singer who started in the world of cinema and television with accomplished directors such as Mario Camus and Fernando Navarrete when she was a teenager.

She moved to Italy where she developed her own show touring all over Italy with appearances on RAI and some other regional TV stations such as Tele Catanzaro.

She was lucky enough to share the stage with Frank Sinatra and Liza Minelli at the Pala Trussardi di Milano.


Presenter of TVE in le Show de la Primera for almost two years with Kim Manning and Fernando Carrillo.

Singer, leading actress in the musical Spanish Monstruos and in the best Spanish musical according to the critics ¨ Estamos en el Aire ¨, sharing the stage with the best actors and singers in the field of the musical.


He sang with Celia Cruz, the queen of salsa at the Parque de Atracciones in Madrid and shared compositions by the great Cuban maestro Alcy Agüero.  

He worked for a long season with the Tropicana de Cuba and after touring all over Spain with a great musical, he met Paul Ross and decided to start a new career in the world of electronic music with the DJ and producer.


He accompanied Paul Ross in the closing of Space in 2010, resident of the Love Connection D'Ibiza parties, is part of the cast of artists who accompany the parties and events around the world.

She has performed at the El Pacha Hotel, Km 5, Club Space, Aura, Ocean Beach , and is a regular at the Sao Paulo nights.

She has been in  the show business for more than 46 years and has recorded several albums with experience in recordings,  jingles and in the studio. 

Carl Cox ended his performance at Ultra Music Festival and other festivals with his and Paul Ross' song ¨ Mama yo quiero saber ¨.



Actress, singer, dancer, a complete artist who cannot be missed.

Esther Bauman.jpg

Paul Ross ,  with more than 33 years of career dedicated to music, Founder and CEO of Ibiza Bpm Radio, he is in charge of all the programming of the station, he is the Director of Promotion and Marketing and also prepares the interviews of the guest artists.

Resident of his own party "Love Connection D 'Ibiza" where he fuses Fashion, Art, Music and Gastronomy, which has travelled to different continents and in different formats, he presents a winter party whose objective is to enjoy good music in an environment of exclusivity and beauty.

In 2019, 2018 and 2017, Paul Ross and  the Spanish singer Esther Bauman participated in one of the most important events worldwide, the Sao Paulo Carnival, with the Love Connection Dibiza Parade event in an Electric Trio format.


In February 2018 he performed with international and Brazilian artists in his own Electric Trio at the Sao Paulo Carnival, The Love Connection D'Ibiza Parade for more than 50.000 people.


He has been the first Brazilian DJ to be part of the closing of the Space Ibiza Club in 2010, considered the most important club in the world, selected among hundreds of DJs to be part of this important event whose presentation was made by DJ MAG


Carl Cox closed his performance at the Ultra Music Festival in Miami and at the Festival Estate in Buenos Aires with the latest Paul Ross & Oscar Cano production of the moment, "Mama I want to know", feat Esther Bauman (Remixes by Elio Riso and Tim Baker).


A tireless worker and entrepreneur whose banner is the absolute defence of music without frontiers, without barriers and without pre -conceptions.

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