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Pablo Orribo

the Canarian artist opens

his talent to the world, Sundays at 17:00 


Today we have the great pleasure to share with you some breaking news: the Canarian producer and dj Pablo Orribo, known professionally as “Orribo”, joins our team. 

He will be with his exclusive program every Sunday at 17:00 h as part of Love Connection D´Ibiza Radio Show , kicking off on Sunday May 5th.

Born on the island of La Palma, always had an innate gift for music and to create new sounds captured from nature, the streets, musicians or street singers, thus creating a unique and unrepeatable sound merging the analog sound with digital.

His Tech House style is characterized by its strong groovy and innovative connotations. 

Orribo has already been present at festivals in the Canary Islands as the BBSF, the Holy Festival and this summer we will have the opportunity to see him at the TLP Festivals in Tenerife on July 26th, July 27th at Isla Bonita Love Festival and August 3rd at Resistime.

With productions like his EP “Addicted” which was released in 2023 by the Finnish label Gansta House Records and preparing new productions that will be released soon, undoubtedly, a new emerging talent, overflowing with new ideas and illusion that he will share with all the listeners worldwide. 

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