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Destino Pacha Resort welcomes you every Monday to " Mondays Off   ,  throughout the season which promises to celebrate summer in a sophisticated and exclusive way with a brunch full of colour, good vibes, select music and unrivalled surroundings.

If you want to reconnect with people and enjoy unique experiences and life, this is your event .


"Mondays Off ",  brings us the essence of Balearic culture in both gastronomy and music.


We will be taken by the hand on an unprecedented journey by a veteran of the electronic music scene, Paul Ross fortnightly resident who will share the booth with other guest DJs, collaborating with the programmation .


DJ, producer and promoter, born in São Paulo, who began his career in 1989.

He has lived in Europe for 22 years and is considered one of the pillars of electronic music.


Founder and CEO of Ibiza Bpm Radio, with daily live broadcasts, starting with Brunch in the Air at 13.00 h CET, Deep 'N Tonic at 16.00 h CET, followed by Sunset Boat Sessions at 18.00 h CET, then Dining Club at 20.00 h CET and finally Midnight Sessions at 03.00 h CET. 


He is in charge of all the station's programming, he is the artistic director and also the one who prepares the interviews.


Responsible for the programming of Mondays Off on the 15th of August from 12.00 to 20.00 hours with the participation of producers and DJs from various parts of the world: Dim Kelly (BE), Rich Towers (UK), Mazayr (UK), Nadia Boulif (ES) and himself  creating a unique and unforgettable atmosphere.


Destination Pacha Resort is itself a dichotomous luxury resort in essence. Sophisticated and natural, its unmistakable Mediterranean design, relaxed yet elegant, breathes the authentic energy of the white island. White colours and a palette of earth tones are predominant, blending into the quiet nature of the surroundings, becoming, in the blink of an eye, a wild natural oasis.


With the Bay of Talamanca as a backdrop and your eyes lost in the Mediterranean, at Mondays Off, you can dive into the majestic pool in the shape of Pacha Group's iconic cherries. 


Enjoy a freshly made cocktail in the sun or relax in the Jacuzzi during the last rays of the sun. 


Just some of the pleasures you can enjoy at the island's most sought-after brunch.


In the open-air restaurant you can enjoy a menu inspired by traditional Mediterranean cuisine with which to return to the origins and enjoy authentic and local products, but with surprising contemporary flavours from other continents such as Asia or America that will transport you to unknown places.


You can also enjoy these delicacies from your deckchair or reserved area while the sun's rays toast your skin.

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