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Renascent Rituals - Cigarette Music 

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With the approach of spring, the arrival of good vibes, good weather, and as if it were a ritual, inviting new sounds, renewal and spiritual elevation, Cigarette Music, the Rome-based electronic music label focused on the coolest declinations of electronic music, will release on April 12th on platforms such as Spotify and Beatport its long-awaited eighth release, "Renascent Rituals". 


This forthcoming compilation continues the label's tradition of curating original mixes from a global roster of exceptionally talented producers.


"Renascent Rituals" features an eclectic lineup of distinguished artists, each bringing their unique perspective to the Organic House genre. The roster includes the likes of St.Ego, Marcos Calegari, Julian Moreno, Tojogo, and the dynamic trio of Paul Ross, Daniele Soriani and Gianrico Leoni. With a total of six new original mixes, this compilation promises to make an mark on its music genre’s landscape.


The compilation's carefully curated selection of tracks reflects Cigarette Music's commitment to providing a platform for cutting-edge artists who continue to shape the genre.


Paul Ross, Daniele Soriani and Gianrico Leoni have worked hand in hand to make a dream come true and finally, one of their productions is making part of this important launch.

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